Guns N’ Roses Documentary Premiere

This Friday, February 5th, the documentary Guns N’ Roses: The Most Dangerous Band in the World has its U.K. premiere at 22:oo, and will be available on BBC iplayer afterwards for a while.

Guns Weren’t the Most Dangerous, but were the Best

With hindsight, Guns weren’t the most dangerous band to themselves or the world, because they all lived, while other musicians died; and other bands had more deaths and injuries at their gigs.

However, they were the most dangerous band to make it big at the time, bringing raw punk metal into the mainstream, with the help of some nice ballads like Sweet Child O’ Mine, Patience and November Rain.

This showed they were ready to greenYgrey before the greenYgrey era had even begun, with greenYgrey symbolising variety in this regard.

Guns N’ Roses Reunion Relevance

Is the Guns N’ Roses reunion relevant now? Not really in a cultural movement way to me, as they were then, but it’ll be good for people today to see them if they want to, and even better if they do produce some music, and it compares well with the early material.

I think that now they’ll look like the Rolling Stones did to me in the 1980s/1990s: a band that had continued past their 1960s/1970s era and heyday, but still good to see and hear.

Chinese Democracy probably ended Axl’s world revolution ambitions. Now, if he’d titled it Arab Democracy he would’ve looked like a visionary during the Arab Spring!

Anyway, it’s only rock n’ roll, and the The Most Dangerous Band in the World documentary should be a great trip down memory lane to a special time in my memory and metal history.

Marc Latham page on Amazon.


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