Parody Satire Marketing to Grey Readers

Warning for one-dimensionals: this blog contains self-parody and satire.

The youf counterculture types are rubbish book buyers, unless they are marketed to by a corporate publisher with a millionaire celebrity proclaiming Revolution! I saw Russell Brand last week on Match of the Day, in the posh seats at his favourite football club. Very anti-capitalist revolutionary!!

Had it with Youf

Anyway, we’ve given up on youf, and this post is the first in our new marketing campaign aimed at the grey readers, who if they are anything like the grey vote, should be ideal book buyers, with loadsa money and time!

And it looks as if they already really get the greenYgrey in this staysure advert. Paul wears green, and Elaine wears grey, as their primary colours; and then the three-dimensional yellow Y is ingeniously created from the jar behind Paul, book behind Elaine and the egg yolk.

Marc Latham page on Amazon.


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