Running and Writing Plans for 2016

2015 was a big exhausting year in the end, running my first ultra-marathon in Ripon, north Yorkshire, and finishing off my comedy fantasy travel by Google Maps trilogy by publishing the European rambling XaW Files: Beyond Humanity.

Writing Plans

I just completed my first article since finishing my book. It was good to write non-fiction after concentrating on fiction for a year or two. It felt a lot easier to write facts than thinking up new fictional stories every day, but if I’d been writing factual for a year or two it’d probably feel nice to return to fiction; which is a kind of greenYgrey catch 22 thing. The article is planned for TravelThruHistory next month. If anybody needs some paid articles writing please let me know.

The completion of the trilogy and marketing it was the first of three big dates/anniversaries this year.

I just completed another, passing the twenty years anniversary date in the day-job. While it’s not my ideal work, it’s usually okay, sometimes enjoyable, and has largely been convenient for my writing and running. In some ways it would have been better to be in a writer-related job, but in other ways it’s nice to do something very different.

Running Plans

I’ve signed up for the Riga, Latvia marathon on May 15th, and Jane Tomlinson’s Leeds Run For All 10km on July 10th, to hopefully finish my 12 years marathon ambition off. When I ran my first marathon in 2004 I planned to run one every three years until my fifth when 50, which is this year.

The 10km is a tribute to Tomlinson, who mostly inspired my running. It is the tenth event this year, and first I’ll do since the inaugural one in 2007.

Jane Tomlinson completed many impressive endurance feats after being diagnosed with cancer, and her Appeal legacy websitehas seen many new events created, and millions collected for charity.

I’ve got a fundraising page set up on Just Giving.

I don’t know if my legs have fully recovered from my ultra-marathon in early October yet, and my toes certainly haven’t. Only one of three damaged toenails has dropped off so far!


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