X Files Two Trending

I just visited Yahoo UK & Ireland and was delighted to see X Files at #4 and Gillian Anderson at #9 in the trending:

Screenshot (20)

Relevance Remote?

I don’t know if it’ll have any relevance to me, as I don’t know if the X Files people and audience have even heard of my magnum opus XaW Files: Beyond Humanity epic journey around Eurasia. Or if they like or appreciate it if they do!

I think it’s good anyway, because I liked the show. I haven’t seen the new series yet, but will be watching when it’s shown on Channel 5.

Having travelled with the characters and story for a couple of years it’s also good to see the characters come alive. greenYgrey played the scullYmulder protagonists in XaW Files, and Skinner and the Smoking Man also appear:


These three photos and captions also remind me why I liked the series so much, and how they could have unconsciously influenced the greenYgrey; especially the first poster, which has all the ingredients needed for a great greenYgrey:


XaW Files is available on Amazon and other book sellers:



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