greenYgrey Invited to X Files Premiere?

X Files New Series

After my new XaW Files: Beyond Humanity book’s blogging preceded plans for a resuscitation of the X Files franchise, and the book was published before the series aired, I was delighted to see this great greenYgrey image advertising the new series on Yahoo Celebrity.

Red Carpet Premiere Snub

However, hopes of an invite to this week’s premiere proved a bridge too far, with tradition winning out, and the red carpet enjoying the glamorous night.

However, I was delighted to see the greenYgrey showing its versatility with plenty of wardrobe, indoors and outdoors appearances in clips of the new X Files series on the One News Page site.

Good News for Blighty

There’s great news for X Files fans in Britain, as Channel 5 is currently showing old pre-greenYgrey episodes, and will show the new post-greenYgrey series in February.

Maybe greenYgreylien researchers can compare the amount of greenYgreyness in the six new episodes, and compare the results to the first six episodes of the first series, to see if there is a noticeable increase in greenYgreyness?


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