British ‘Bird in a Biplane’ Celebrates with Boomerang

After seeing some great greenYgrey film footage combining plane and landscape on the weekend I set out to find an article about it for a parody blog; for comedy purposes while publicising a great achievement.

I found a Mirror article that reported:

‘A British flyer has become the second woman to fly from Britain to Australia in a vintage open cockpit biplane.

Self-styled “Bird in a Biplane” Tracey Curtis-Taylor completed her 13,000-mile journey at Sydney Airport after flying across 23 countries in three months.’

Tracey Curtis-Taylor

Getty Images from

Boomerang to Celebrate

The article not only contained a nice description of the thrilling achievement, but also had an amazing photo of 53-years-old Curtis-Taylor celebrating landing in Australia with a boomerang, the social craze famous here in the greenYgrey world since Grey rambled a similarly epic solo journey to Curtis-Taylor in its Werewolf of Oz middle-book of our fantasy rambling trilogy.

Tracey Curtis-Taylor


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