Rock n’ Roll Ain’t Responsibility

Legendary greenYgreyliens might have been surprised to see Adele and Taylor Swift start the blogging week, with lots of big news in the classic rock world.

Lemmy of Motorhead Passes Away

I was never a big fan of Motorhead, but liked some of their songs and lyrics. Ian Fraser “Lemmy” Kilmister had his own musical style and moral code, which revolved around being an upfront honest independent polygamous rock n’ roller, who also criticised the lies and corruption he saw in mainstream society, including the fog of religion and child abuse.

Lemmy epitomised the 1980s British biker culture I was a part of on the periphery for a few short years. His funeral will be webcast on Youtube tomorrow, June 9th.

I try to be as honest, open and upfront about my writing, and try not to blur the horizons. I would rather be living a rock n’ roll lifestyle, but became a doctor in 2005, and have tried to be responsible in that way since.

That’s why I was so critical of Russell Brand’s Revolution, apart from thinking it was naive at best. If he wants to act like a rock n’ roller comedian fine, but when he crossed the line and tried to become a literary philosopher revolutionary prophet, and still wanted to act like a responsibility-less rock n’ roller I thought it was wrong; and more like those who abuse their powerful positions in mainstream society; the ones he was supposed to be most criticising!

Motley Crue End, Guns N’ Roses Return

XaW Files contains a lot of coincidences, as well as Lemmy, Guns N’ Roses and Motley Crue inspirations and references, and there was one in the 1980s L.A. rock world over the new year, as Motley Crue ended their 1981-2015 touring career together with a NYE concert in their L.A. home, while their late 1980s heirs to the L.A. throne, Guns N’ Roses, announced a classic line-up comeback.

Axl, Slash and Duff have confirmed Guns N’ Roses will appear at the Coachella festival in California in April, with a possible tour to follow.

I wish them all well, and hope that Izzy and Steven Adler are also involved.

Seeing the Guns N’ Roses logo over the California desert horizon reminded me how much of an influence Guns N’ Roses have been on me and my decade of writing, from my first book memoir being named The Guns N’ Roses Traveller to the XaW Files third of the fantasy rambling trilogy’s effort to be epic inspired by Guns’ Use Your Illusion albums.

The logo has green, grey and yellow colours, and the band’s name is two words separated by an abbreviation, as the greenYgrey is now.


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