Adverts and Brands Get into greenYgrey Spirit

Dr. Marc Latham studied Communications Studies from 1998-99 and 2000-2005, so he learnt a lot about the media and advertising there. Towards the end of that time, brands and branding became the buzz words. That helped inspire the greenYgrey parody brand.

Advertising Thoughts

While other brands have their traditional and recognisable colour schemes, the greenYgrey is literally one big colour scheme; although originally it was mainly inspired by the dominant landscape colours Marc saw in Blighty, and that Britain is better described as a greenYgrey island than a small one (although I like and respect Bill Bryson), and only later became a brand.

As I’ve written before about advertising, I think adverts can be good and bad, greenYgrey style; with that use of greenYgrey one of many to have developed over the last eight years.

If they are just competing against other companies and brands I think it’s fine, but if they’re raising false expectations and needs in consumers, inspiring people to buy things they otherwise wouldn’t, and therefore harming the environment, and maybe families’ financial security, then I think they can be bad.

There are also a lot of adverts for human, animal and environment friendly products, such as children’s charities, meat-free foods and conservation, so advertising can be a cause for good or bad, like most things.

Three Adverts Without Particular Connection

I picked three adverts for their greenYgrey content here. I don’t know if they do in fact have any greenYgrey inspiration, or if it’s all coincidence. I also don’t have any connection to the companies, or use their products much, but they are all nice and okay as far as I know.

Nicole Kidman epitomises the joys and beauty of greenYgreying amongst nature in this Swisse advert. Being Australian, she also seems to indulge in some boomeranging, the second favourite social craze we invented, after greenYgreying:

This Ferrero Rocher advert seems to be celebrating the yellowing and capitalising of our central Y, with it often having been compared to a tree, such as in our new and wonderful X Files parody XaW Files book, as well as including lots of green and grey too:

Mog the cat is grey and has yellow eyes, and uses a green phone to save the day in this Sainsbury’s advert, thereby also getting in a great piece of greenYgreying:

Asda Logo Change and Morrisons Colour Scheme

Asda and Morrisons have more relevance to the greenYgrey world, and they both have connections in their colour schemes too.

Asda have a green logo, and in 2015 added a yellow spark according to Logopedia. It looked like sun rays to me, so I thought it might have been influenced by our yellow Y rebranding, but I don’t know if it was?

Screenshot (15)

Morrisons also has a green and yellow logo, although their yellowism pre-dates the greenygrey, let alone the greenYgrey. Their green appeared afterwards.

Screenshot (16)


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