Adele and Taylor Swift Choose Different Ways to greenYgrey

Happy New Year great greenYgreyliens and nice positive random visitors. 2015 will undoubtedly be known as the year of the greenYgrey, and the way things are going, so will 2016. With our very own XaW Files: Beyond Humanity spanning the years, and probably the best book in both, the top musicians and artists in the world are all joining the greenYgreyvolution.

Adele’s great greenYgrey Look

When Adele celebrated the outstanding brilliance and success of her third album, 25, with a television special at the end of 2015, she wore a great greenYgrey outfit and look. Here’s a trailer:

Taylor Swift’s great greenYgrey Out of the Woods Video

While Adele chose to look greenYgrey herself, a top singer from across the Atlantic choose to fill her 2016 music video up with greenYgrey symbolism, while not indulging in greenYgrey clothes herself.

Taylor Swift’s Out of the Woods contains wolves acting playfully, and sun shining through green and grey woods. There are also greenYgrey plants over the cliff in the snowy mountain scenes:


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