Parody Satire Marketing to Grey Readers

Warning for one-dimensionals: this blog contains self-parody and satire.

The youf counterculture types are rubbish book buyers, unless they are marketed to by a corporate publisher with a millionaire celebrity proclaiming Revolution! I saw Russell Brand last week on Match of the Day, in the posh seats at his favourite football club. Very anti-capitalist revolutionary!!

Had it with Youf

Anyway, we’ve given up on youf, and this post is the first in our new marketing campaign aimed at the grey readers, who if they are anything like the grey vote, should be ideal book buyers, with loadsa money and time!

And it looks as if they already really get the greenYgrey in this staysure advert. Paul wears green, and Elaine wears grey, as their primary colours; and then the three-dimensional yellow Y is ingeniously created from the jar behind Paul, book behind Elaine and the egg yolk.

Marc Latham page on Amazon.

Running and Writing Plans for 2016

2015 was a big exhausting year in the end, running my first ultra-marathon in Ripon, north Yorkshire, and finishing off my comedy fantasy travel by Google Maps trilogy by publishing the European rambling XaW Files: Beyond Humanity.

Writing Plans

I just completed my first article since finishing my book. It was good to write non-fiction after concentrating on fiction for a year or two. It felt a lot easier to write facts than thinking up new fictional stories every day, but if I’d been writing factual for a year or two it’d probably feel nice to return to fiction; which is a kind of greenYgrey catch 22 thing. The article is planned for TravelThruHistory next month. If anybody needs some paid articles writing please let me know.

The completion of the trilogy and marketing it was the first of three big dates/anniversaries this year.

I just completed another, passing the twenty years anniversary date in the day-job. While it’s not my ideal work, it’s usually okay, sometimes enjoyable, and has largely been convenient for my writing and running. In some ways it would have been better to be in a writer-related job, but in other ways it’s nice to do something very different.

Running Plans

I’ve signed up for the Riga, Latvia marathon on May 15th, and Jane Tomlinson’s Leeds Run For All 10km on July 10th, to hopefully finish my 12 years marathon ambition off. When I ran my first marathon in 2004 I planned to run one every three years until my fifth when 50, which is this year.

The 10km is a tribute to Tomlinson, who mostly inspired my running. It is the tenth event this year, and first I’ll do since the inaugural one in 2007.

Jane Tomlinson completed many impressive endurance feats after being diagnosed with cancer, and her Appeal legacy websitehas seen many new events created, and millions collected for charity.

I’ve got a fundraising page set up on Just Giving.

I don’t know if my legs have fully recovered from my ultra-marathon in early October yet, and my toes certainly haven’t. Only one of three damaged toenails has dropped off so far!

X Files Two Trending

I just visited Yahoo UK & Ireland and was delighted to see X Files at #4 and Gillian Anderson at #9 in the trending:

Screenshot (20)

Relevance Remote?

I don’t know if it’ll have any relevance to me, as I don’t know if the X Files people and audience have even heard of my magnum opus XaW Files: Beyond Humanity epic journey around Eurasia. Or if they like or appreciate it if they do!

I think it’s good anyway, because I liked the show. I haven’t seen the new series yet, but will be watching when it’s shown on Channel 5.

Having travelled with the characters and story for a couple of years it’s also good to see the characters come alive. greenYgrey played the scullYmulder protagonists in XaW Files, and Skinner and the Smoking Man also appear:


These three photos and captions also remind me why I liked the series so much, and how they could have unconsciously influenced the greenYgrey; especially the first poster, which has all the ingredients needed for a great greenYgrey:


XaW Files is available on Amazon and other book sellers:

X Files Returns: The Truth’s In There – the Writer Mind

The X Files returns on Fox for its tenth series tonight, and it’s looking greenYgreyer than ever. Thanks to Fox for creating an intelligent series that makes its audience think, and question the world around them.

XaW Files: Mystery of the Writer Mind

While X Files only provided a framework for XaW Files: Beyond Humanity, the book does try to investigate my own mind, providing an insight into the difficult process of writing a whole book telling an original story, featuring multiple diverse characters who travel over the vast distances of the whole of Eurasia and beyond.

The book kept to the format of the first nine X Files series, as shown on Wikipedia:

Season Episodes Originally aired Nielsen ratings
First aired Last aired Average viewers
1 24 September 10, 1993 May 13, 1994 N/A 111[19]
2 25 September 16, 1994 May 19, 1995 14.50[20] 63[20]
3 24 September 22, 1995 May 17, 1996 15.40[21] 55[22]
4 24 October 4, 1996 May 18, 1997 19.20[23] 20[24]
5 20 November 2, 1997 May 17, 1998 19.80[23] 11[25]
The X-Files June 19, 1998 N/A
6 22 November 8, 1998 May 16, 1999 17.20[23] 12[26]
7 22 November 7, 1999 May 21, 2000 14.20[27] 29[28]
8 21 November 5, 2000 May 20, 2001 13.93[27] 31[29]
9 20


November 11, 2001 May 19, 2002 9.10[30] 63[31]


The format of this book follows the nine series and 202 episodes television series history of the X Files. The number of episodes in each chapter also mirror the number of episodes in each series.

Introduction   –   pages 1 – 8.

Chapter 1: Russia – 24 episodes, pages 9 – 58.

Chapter 2: Baltic – 25 episodes, pages 59 – 113.
Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania.

Chapter 3: Central East – 24 episodes, pages 114 – 167.
Belorussia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine.

Chapter 4: South East – 24 episodes, pages 168 – 221.
Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria and Greece.

Chapter 5: Balkans – 20 episodes, pages 222 – 265.
Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia.

Chapter 6: Alps Western Med – 22 episodes, pages 266 – 316.
Austria, Liechtenstein, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Chapter 7: Western Europe – 22 episodes, pages 317 – 370.
France, Switzerland, San Marino, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Belgium.

Chapter 8: Scandinavia – 21 episodes, pages 371 – 422.
Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Chapter 9: North West – 20 episodes, pages 423 – 475.

Appendix   –  pages  476 – 488.

It’s available to buy, or rent for Prime members, on Amazon; and various other outlets too I think.

Not the Best Jew since Jesus: Latham of Leeds

For all those who heard that Dr. Marc Latham hates Leeds, they were either lied to or misguided by the misguided, as myths have a habit of distorting and escalating over time.

I’m sorry if I upset any Christians or Jewish people with the blog title, and I don’t know of any Jewishishness in my blood, but I know there’s been none in my life, with the Japanese war cry Tora! Tora! meaning more to me than the Torah, as I was reading comics like Battle and Action rather than religious books in my childhood.

Even if I was Jewish, Einstein was probably better than me… so far anyway!

I was a Christian then, but never believed in it much, although I liked the stories and films. My land was pagan before the Christians arrived, but so was everywhere in the world before some religions started invading others, as Islam is mostly doing now.

Jersey Boy Northerner – greenYgrey

Being born in Jersey, I never felt that Welsh, where I grew up. Maybe it was the parents splitting up before the move; maybe it was that I preferred football to rugby, or maybe it was because I liked animals from an early age, and didn’t like the farming and hunting around town. If I’d grown up in the more mining-orientated south-east of Wales I  might have related more to it. Ironically, Wales seems to have become more environmentally-focussed recently.

Marc started supporting Leeds United in 1970, during the golden era. He recently saw this period cited as a goldilocks period for Leeds fans, with the majority of non-Leeds fans of Leeds United aged between 45-55, on the Leeds Away Days documentary on the Made in Leeds channel.

So he identified more with England, but not the south of his birth, more the working-class north he saw on television in programmes like Kes, Boys from the Blackstuff, Auf Weidershen Pet, sitcoms (although Only Fools and Horses was his favourite) and soap operas. This was probably because Wales was similarly working-class, but didn’t have as much media representation.

Jersey of England, Latham of Leeds

I didn’t know my name’s association with West Yorkshire when I decided to move to Leeds in 1995. It was only later I found out that the name derives from the area:

Latham Name Meaning
English: habitational name from any of the various places in northern England named with the dative plural form (used originally after a preposition) of Old Norse hlaða ‘barn’ (dative plural hloðum, i.e. ‘at the barns’), as for example Latham in West Yorkshire, Lathom in Lancashire, and Laytham in East Yorkshire.
Source: Dictionary of American Family Names ©2013, Oxford University Press
Unfortunately, most proud Leeds and Yorkshire people don’t know about the Latham place name, as it has now disappeared. So I haven’t received a prodigal son returning home welcome like a Mac might do returning to Scotland. 
Because I think you might think I’m trying to beg preferential treatment, I would just like to add that I can take or leave Leeds, Yorkshire and the north now, after the initial excitement and euphoria has worn off.
Leeds is generally a nice city with lots of nature nearby, and most of the landmarks and amenities you need, and particularly some fine ales, not that I partake much any more! It really needs a Premier League football team again though.
The troubles of LUFC have been partially mediated by the nice and spacious Yorkshire countryside and coast, thankfully preserved by two national parks. 
Wales also has lots of nice spacious countryside, but I was more interested in avoiding it then, thinking my townie identity more important. Leeds and Yorkshire has inspired my writing and creative spark, which is probably partly to do with its landscapes, and partly to do with me graduating from university here, and the rich vein of English writing and poetry history in the region.
And for those of you who think I’m just writing the above for personal interests and gain, no I’m not going out this weekend – and yes, staying in is partly because of the Negatives who think such things.
And yes, I would like you to buy or borrow my books from places like Amazon, so I can become a full-time writer, because I think I deserve it after a decade of hard work and innovative creation… but so do a lot of poorly paid writers… compared to musicians who can live off the royalties of one Christmas song!

WOW Signal, Stella Advert and Derren Brown

Over the last eight years the greenYgrey site has been documenting everything greenygrey. The publishing of XaW Files: Beyond Humanity was the end of an era: the third epoch of greenYgrey. A magnum opus containing writing and planning beyond my wildest dreams at the start of the greenYgrey.

POP Art 1 and 2

One of Andy Warhol’s famous quotes was that if you understood his pop art you’d never look at America the same.

The same is true for the greenYgrey and Blighty. From day to day we notice small things that change, but often don’t notice the big picture, or wider patterns.

While Warhol’s pop art focused most on advertising, marketing and consumer society, the greenYgrey has concentrated on the natural world.

I noticed that Britain is usually cloudy because I like the sun, and wanted sunny days all the time, and especially in the warm months. I was disappointed more often than not. Acknowledging that cloudy days are the norm helps you prepare for gloom, and hourly weather forecasts can help you identify when the sunniest times are likely.

greenYgrey POP Age

The greenYgrey is now in the POP age, a post-greenYgrey time to reflect back on times of greenYgrey. There are numerous examples of greenYgrey in previous blog posts, and were (sic) still posting some new ones on Google plus and Facebook.

Having done the analysing and creating, it’s now time to absorb and listen.

This is similar to how humanity analysed space before sending its message-laden crafts out, and now listens for signals with its radio telescopes and computers.

WOW Signal

There has mostly just been background noise received from space, but there was one much higher frequency message received in 1977. It was so unusual that the analyst wrote WOW on the side of the graph, and it has since been known as the WOW message.

The Wow! signal was detected by a radio telescope in Ohio in 1977 as a 72 second-long burst of powerful radio waves during a project searching for signals from intelligent extraterrestrial life. It earned its name after astronomer Dr Jerry Ehman circled the data relating to the signal and wrote' Wow!' in the margin (pictured)

It is mentioned in XaW Files, and this week a Daily Mail article reported they thought they might have found a rational explanation for the extra activity: a couple of comets that weren’t found until 2006 were orbiting our sun at that time.

They will have a chance to find out if it was the comets next January, as the comets are due to orbit again then.

WOW Stella Advert 

During the second era of greenYgrey I highlighted lots of greenYgrey television shows and adverts. I could continue, as there seem more than ever, but from now on intend just posting those with the WXY Factor.

That’s W for WOW, X for XaW and Y for the third age of greenYgrey. There is no Z, as it is not the end of the road yet.

Stella is one of the stars of the XaW Files, wordplaying Stella McCartney and Stella Artois, with appreciation for both. So I was delighted to see a Stella Artois advert that seems to get the greenYgrey, with lots of green and grey, and a little yellow supplied by the tennis balls:

WOW Derren Brown Pushed to the Edge

Derren Brown and Katherine Mills are cited in XaW Files as helping their audience learn about their own minds and society. I set out to do the same in university, and my thesis investigated the messages sent out by elite powers, and how they were relayed through the media.

Everything seemed to be going fine until I started also criticising the liberal elite – counterculture behaviour and propaganda. Moreover, if I tried to discuss research and findings common in the humanities and social sciences with people not in those fields, they thought it was all in my twisted mind!

I was not surprised to see that three of the four ordinary respectable people on Derren Brown’s Pushed to the Edge were persuaded to push a man off a building by their peers. Therefore, they thought they’d committed murder, which is the most serious crime in society.

Moreover, there was lots of great greenYgrey activity right from the start:

The programme title seemed to look more yellow on the television. I think it is Derren Brown satirising the idea of an all powerful Illuminati, but it could also be a salute to the greenYgrey3. It certainly created a WOW message when received in the greenYgrey world!

greenYgrey Invited to X Files Premiere?

X Files New Series

After my new XaW Files: Beyond Humanity book’s blogging preceded plans for a resuscitation of the X Files franchise, and the book was published before the series aired, I was delighted to see this great greenYgrey image advertising the new series on Yahoo Celebrity.

Red Carpet Premiere Snub

However, hopes of an invite to this week’s premiere proved a bridge too far, with tradition winning out, and the red carpet enjoying the glamorous night.

However, I was delighted to see the greenYgrey showing its versatility with plenty of wardrobe, indoors and outdoors appearances in clips of the new X Files series on the One News Page site.

Good News for Blighty

There’s great news for X Files fans in Britain, as Channel 5 is currently showing old pre-greenYgrey episodes, and will show the new post-greenYgrey series in February.

Maybe greenYgreylien researchers can compare the amount of greenYgreyness in the six new episodes, and compare the results to the first six episodes of the first series, to see if there is a noticeable increase in greenYgreyness?