Merry Mid-Winter Christmas Atheists, Pagans, Christians and All in the Spirit

I don’t think today and tomorrow are the time to discuss religion and beliefs, but just to have some time to get into the spirit, think about the year gone, and the time to come. My feelings are pretty much summed up in the views of the fifteen atheists in this Huffington Post article: Christians appropriated the pagan midwinter festival and its iconography, but it’s a really nice time of year, and the Jesus story is nice and inspirational. I would just like to add that there’s no doubts about Santa being real.

Midwinter Passed

The shortest day and latest sunrise was on December 22nd this year. I saw a phenomenal POP (Pinkyorangepurple) sunrise the morning before, with a long lit up cloud looking like this one captured nearby and shown on the local news.

Screenshot (13)

I’m sure it’s not much consolation to those suffering under the floods, such as in Cumbria, and commiserations to anybody who is battling high waters. Some people on the news were showing great spirit.

I hope you have a nice day tomorrow and all the holiday, and especially all the great greenYgreyliens who are regular positive visitors to the greenYgrey world!


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