Finding Peace Among Nature

True North Nomad

I sat down in the anti-gravity chair, pushing my feet outwards towards the sky.  A sandwich grasped in my left hand, a cold beer cupped in the right, I studied my surroundings.  Secluded, nestled on a remote beach far from civilization, I sat with impressive company of an aquamarine lake and evergreen forest while the mountains stood guard over our private dinner party.  Clouds blew in above, but determined I covered myself with a blanket, undeterred by rain or wind.  In environments like this I am immovable.  My heart connects, my soul unites with God’s creation.

mountain, jasper, park Jasper National Park, Alberta

My mind wandered to how far-removed from where I live this moment was.  A city girl from birth, the “country” or “wilderness” was for camping trips or visiting odd relatives unaware civilization was still progressing, advancing.  Life is fast in the city – everything always on the move, everything always turned on. …

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