X Files Parody Poetry and Prose Travel Quest Book Published

After 18 months of gruelling and rewarding mind searching and creative writing the XaW Files third instalment of our original idea fantasy travel by Google Maps is now available in book form on Amazon.

Thanks to the X Files makers for deciding to make a new series after about a year of travelling on our XaW Files journey. I’d probably only be about two-thirds through writing it otherwise! The new series airs on Fox in January. I think I saw a greenYgrey influence in a photo from the new series:

X Files Parody Book 

The price was dictated by its size, and I priced it around the cheapest rate possible, as these enlargeable screenshots show:

Screenshot (9) Screenshot (10) Screenshot (11)

I even edited it down under 500 pages to make it a little cheaper than it would’ve been if just over 500 pages, as it originally was.

I wanted to make it affordable for all who really want it, but don’t want to give it away free, as that would probably lead to a waste of paper. Please only buy if you really want to read it.

Precious Paper, Bonzer Book

I don’t want to sound too much like a salesman, but I obviously think it’s worth buying, because it’s the book I wanted to read, so I wrote it. My environmental concerns mean I don’t agree with wasting paper, and publishing books for the sake of it, so I wouldn’t have published it if I didn’t think it was good enough.

If you think you have similar tastes; such as liking X Files, humanity’s quest for truth, mind searching, satirical comedy, controversial art, travel (this time European), secular freedom of speech liberal thought, nature and new philosophy adding to philosophical history; then you’ll hopefully enjoy the book too.


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