X Files for Animals: Humanity the Alien Bigfoot

An image illustrating how a dolphin can "see" a human swimmer using echolocation (Sonic Age/PA)

Alien or Yeti?

This weird looking creature isn’t either an alien or yeti, although it is the former to marine life, being a human swimmer as seen by dolphin echolocation. It was reported on Yahoo News.

I think the first photo should be good for understanding sharks too, and why they attack, with most on surf boards thought to be because they mistake them for seals. I think the best part of the article is at the end, including:

Jim McDonough said: ” The dolphin has had around 50 million years to evolve its echolocation sense whereas marine biologists have studied the physiology of cetaceans for only around five decades and I have worked with John Stuart Reid for barely five years. Even so, our recent success has left us all speechless. We now think it is safe to speculate that dolphins may employ a ‘sono-pictorial’ form of language, a language of pictures that they share with each other. If that proves to be true an exciting future lies ahead for inter-species communications.”

Humanity the Invader and Destroyer

While animal attacks on humans are always tragic, and I have the utmost respect for those who sail the seas, risking their lives in the most challenging environment on Earth, I think it’s important to remember that we are the invaders and destroyers of the Earth’s oceans, and hope that humanity can find a way to stop emptying and polluting the seas.

Paris United Nations Climate Talks 2015

Hopefully the Paris climate conference taking place now can bring some new and lasting initiatives for saving our planet. I think they’ve made a great start with their greenYgrey logo! Thanks UN and Paris, and good luck…

2015 Climate Conference.svg


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