Motley Crue and Alice Cooper was the gYg gig of the year

Motley Crue became the first group to receive a double gYg Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame gig of the year award when their farewell tour gig at the Newcastle Metro Arena was picked as the concert of the year in the greenYgrey world.

Motley Crue Farewell Tour

Motley Crue had been supporting Def Leppard when receiving their first award, and this was the last chance to see them, so it well deserved the nomination. The concert was predictably brilliant, and also had a few nice surprises. There were female backing singers; the drum kit rode a rollercoaster-type-track over the crowd, with Tommy Lee sometimes playing upside-down; and they ended with a piano-accoustic version of Home Sweet Home in the middle of the arena.

I first saw Motley at the Monsters of Rock festival in 1984, thirty-one years ago, so it was kind of poignant to see it end. I’m sure it’ll be 100 times more so for Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars and Tommy Lee when they end the tour in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve. Good luck to everybody involved for their retirement from Crue tours.

Alice Cooper and The One Hundred

Alice Cooper was also excellent, and his show would have deserved a gYg of the year award on his own, having been a rock legend for over forty years; especially as he had a full stage-set of monster-horror special effects and costumes.

The One Hundred opened the concert with an energetic set full of great musicianship.

The gYg gig list of honour has now been updated:

For more information about the show and tour, please see the Motley Crue website, and for a review of the Newcastle gig see getreadytorock.


Merry Mid-Winter Christmas Atheists, Pagans, Christians and All in the Spirit

I don’t think today and tomorrow are the time to discuss religion and beliefs, but just to have some time to get into the spirit, think about the year gone, and the time to come. My feelings are pretty much summed up in the views of the fifteen atheists in this Huffington Post article: Christians appropriated the pagan midwinter festival and its iconography, but it’s a really nice time of year, and the Jesus story is nice and inspirational. I would just like to add that there’s no doubts about Santa being real.

Midwinter Passed

The shortest day and latest sunrise was on December 22nd this year. I saw a phenomenal POP (Pinkyorangepurple) sunrise the morning before, with a long lit up cloud looking like this one captured nearby and shown on the local news.

Screenshot (13)

I’m sure it’s not much consolation to those suffering under the floods, such as in Cumbria, and commiserations to anybody who is battling high waters. Some people on the news were showing great spirit.

I hope you have a nice day tomorrow and all the holiday, and especially all the great greenYgreyliens who are regular positive visitors to the greenYgrey world!

Finding Peace Among Nature

True North Nomad

I sat down in the anti-gravity chair, pushing my feet outwards towards the sky.  A sandwich grasped in my left hand, a cold beer cupped in the right, I studied my surroundings.  Secluded, nestled on a remote beach far from civilization, I sat with impressive company of an aquamarine lake and evergreen forest while the mountains stood guard over our private dinner party.  Clouds blew in above, but determined I covered myself with a blanket, undeterred by rain or wind.  In environments like this I am immovable.  My heart connects, my soul unites with God’s creation.

mountain, jasper, park Jasper National Park, Alberta

My mind wandered to how far-removed from where I live this moment was.  A city girl from birth, the “country” or “wilderness” was for camping trips or visiting odd relatives unaware civilization was still progressing, advancing.  Life is fast in the city – everything always on the move, everything always turned on. …

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X Files Parody Published on Kindle

XaW Files is now available as a Kindle ebook, and I’ve priced it at the cheapest price available for a book of its massive epic size.

I also named you greenYgreyliens as translators, as there would have been no greenYgrey epics without you.

I’ve also entered it into Kindle Select, so it’s available to read in Amazon’s Kindle Owners Library for Prime members:

Amazon Prime offers a month’s free membership, but please remember to cancel it if you don’t want to continue into paid membership:

You don’t have to own a Kindle either, as there are apps you can download to read Kindle books on many devices.

If you like a mixture of travel and life philosophy mixed with real European places comedy fantasy travel, with lots of original poetry and thoughtful prose, then this book could interest you, and I’m confident it will be worth your time.

I have travelled to over 50 countries on all the populated continents, and use my experiences and memories in the fantasy travel, mostly through my travel hero Jack Kerouac’s werewolf character Jack Wolfpac.

I also spent ten years in further education, and use my knowledge from that time to ponder the mysteries of life, place and time. I created the greenygrey firstly just from the dominant colours of the British landscape, before developing it into a three-dimensional greenYgrey concept with a middle. I found a lot of philosophy that related to it’s old and new representations, with the beautiful middle especially relevant, as well as many similar words in the Norse sagas.

While the greenYgrey plays the complex Don Quixote style character, Love the mixed-up vole often steals the show in a Sancho Panza warm, friendly and funny way.

Then there are the celebrity guests, who are vital to the story, and brightening up each chapter with something different.

Enjoy on Amazon:



X Files Parody Poetry and Prose Travel Quest Book Published

After 18 months of gruelling and rewarding mind searching and creative writing the XaW Files third instalment of our original idea fantasy travel by Google Maps is now available in book form on Amazon.

Thanks to the X Files makers for deciding to make a new series after about a year of travelling on our XaW Files journey. I’d probably only be about two-thirds through writing it otherwise! The new series airs on Fox in January. I think I saw a greenYgrey influence in a photo from the new series:

X Files Parody Book 

The price was dictated by its size, and I priced it around the cheapest rate possible, as these enlargeable screenshots show:

Screenshot (9) Screenshot (10) Screenshot (11)

I even edited it down under 500 pages to make it a little cheaper than it would’ve been if just over 500 pages, as it originally was.

I wanted to make it affordable for all who really want it, but don’t want to give it away free, as that would probably lead to a waste of paper. Please only buy if you really want to read it.

Precious Paper, Bonzer Book

I don’t want to sound too much like a salesman, but I obviously think it’s worth buying, because it’s the book I wanted to read, so I wrote it. My environmental concerns mean I don’t agree with wasting paper, and publishing books for the sake of it, so I wouldn’t have published it if I didn’t think it was good enough.

If you think you have similar tastes; such as liking X Files, humanity’s quest for truth, mind searching, satirical comedy, controversial art, travel (this time European), secular freedom of speech liberal thought, nature and new philosophy adding to philosophical history; then you’ll hopefully enjoy the book too.

Buddhist Enlightenment Explanation replaces X Files Parody Publishing

This is the 1000th greenYgrey blog since we upgraded to a new version in August 2011, and brought them over to our new home here on There were a few hundred blogs on the old version that didn’t save to the new version from when the original Greenygrey website and blog started in early 2008.

New X Files Parody Book

I was hoping to announce the third of the fantasy travel by mostly Google Maps and Wikipedia trilogy was available for distribution from Amazon today, but I wasn’t completely happy proofing the book this morning, so made some alterations before submitting it for review again.

I’ve now been editing it for 3 months, and it’s been at the final proofing stage for a fortnight. Today, the main problem was that I saw a page could be cut by making a small edit, putting a superfluous thought in another episode. It should be available tomorrow.

I hope that my attention to detail shows that although the book is going to be a self-published parody comedy I take it very seriously, and consider it a work of art that needs to be as perfect as possible. However, I know that if I keep going over the text I will see writing to improve, and new ideas to add, so I have to call a stop sometime, when it looks like a book should, and reads like a quality work.

Thousand-day Challenge for 1000th Blog

Although the book being published on the 1000th blog would have been good, I’ve just realised there’s a big coincidence in its replacement, that I hadn’t noticed until just now, having decided to post it anyway.

That’s because my favourite lines from Adharanand Finn’s The Way of the Runner (Faber and Faber, 2015) mostly concern Japanese Buddhist monks and their tradition of running 1000 marathons in 1000 days over seven years to help them reach enlightenment. Here’s extracts from a discussion with a Japanese Buddhist monk on page 122 of the book:

‘The idea behind the constant movement of the thousand-day challenge, he says, is to exhaust the mind, the ego, the body, everything, until nothing is left.
“When you are nothing, then something, pop, comes up to fill the space.”
He mimes a bubble popping.
This something, he tells me, is the vast consciousness that lies below the surface of our lives, beyond the limits of our usual, everyday experience. A sense of oneness with the universe.’

There is further discussion from pages 207 – 212:

Finn discovers the challenge is more to do with the thinking time than running. It is meditation by movement: thinking about life and how you should live.

Finn wanted to know what nothingness enlightenment feels like, sounding disappointed that it isn’t some kind of amazing revelation. He hears that there’s not one moment of understanding, where you learn the meaning of everything. You continue learning, as in college.

Enlightenment not a feeling, like being surrounded by a halo of bliss. It’s something alive, pushing you on every day. Something deep inside us wants to find that place, find it again and return to it. For some of us it means going out for another run.

After circumnavigating Mount Hiei for the 1000 marathons the monks spend nine days without food, drink or sleep in a dark room. The idea is to be as close to death as possible. Monks then become a Daigyoman Ajari, which I think has a nice greenYgrey look about it.

The monk thinks it is just one path among many to the same destination.

Finn says the path or way is big in Japan; it has the suffix -do, as in the martial arts judo and kendo. Bushido is the way of the warrior. It is also used for gentler pastimes, with sado (tea-making ceremony) and kado (flower arranging) others. It’s basically any way that develops and refines you as a harmonised person.

Just Trying to be Another Western Underdog Hero

Later in the book, on pages 267/8, Finn, who was spending time in Japan learning about their running culture, after his previous book took him to Kenya, compared the main difference he saw in Western and Japanese society.

He wrote that in the West it’s more important to be an individual winner, while in Japan it’s more about the team and being in harmony. In the West  the underdog loners are often the heroes of culture, sport and society, but in Japanese manga they emphasise team spirit. A Manga storyline often shows how an individual wants to do things his own way, gets into trouble, and recognises the need for help from the team, creating harmony.

So maybe I’m more normal in the West than I thought!

Last Coincidence (for this blog post)

There was a nice coincidence after I went on google plus soon after copying the above extracts, and found the photo below, which in my mind combined our new POP  (PinkyOrangePurple) art with the 1000 day challenge being about trying to exhaust the mind, ego, and body until nothing is left:


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