Fell-running Book Cites greenygrey Scenery Creating Happy

Richard Askwith includes a greenYgrey sighting in his 2004 book about fell running, Feet in the Clouds.

On page 223 he wrote: ‘…deep in the mountains at the far end of Loch Katrine. And now, at this new campsite, equally waterlogged and amiable, with a circle of grey-green mountains rising peacefully into the encircling cloud banks, I once again feel happy to be where I am.’

greenygrey Improvement

This is of course an old-fashioned greenygrey sighting, before the rebranding brought more yellow in the middle of the greenYgrey, which refers more to greenygrey scenery with sunshine.

Example of greenygrey:


Example of greenYgrey:


Although Askwith is a more skilled wordsmith than me, and a more accomplished fell runner, I think that greenygrey sounds smoother and nicer than grey-green.

However, Askwith was writing in a time when writing was more formal, and of course before the greenygrey and greenYgrey entered the human world.

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