Magnificent Skies of California (#photos #technicolor)

Some nice examples of new POP art pinkyorangepurple skies.

Kevin Hotter

"The Nigh Falls" (Los Angeles, CA) “The Nigh Falls” (Los Angeles, CA)

Often, I get lost in the splendor of the sky. I enjoy staring at the puffy clouds as they slowly drift through the endless blue of the Californian skies.

"Palms in the Clouds" (Orange County, CA) “Palms in the Clouds” (Orange County, CA)

It is easy to find solace when you lose yourself in the grandeur of the skies.

"Ballpark Beauty"(Burbank, CA) “Ballpark Beauty”(Burbank, CA)

In this world of materialism, unrealistic demands and negativity, it is easy to forget we are surrounded by magnificent natural beauty.

Please enjoy this world we have been given. It is a gift.

"Beauty in the Strangest Places" (Disneyland, CA) “Beauty in the Strangest Places” (Disneyland, CA)

And, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone across the globe. 🙂

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Sunrise Rush Hour Time of Year

There was a nice sunrise at about 07.30 this morning, as if announcing the sunrise time of the year is upon us in the northern hemisphere, with less than a month until the midwinter solstice on December 22nd .

Winter Sunrise Photo

Here’s a photo from five years ago with a similar sunrise to the one today. It was frosty this morning, but there was no snow.

Pre-POP and Post-POP Times

That photo was of course taken before such twilight times were declared the new POP (PinkyOrangePurple) art movement while greenYgrey was searching for our Andy Warhol, the ex-Andy Wolfhol, for the epic XaW Files book nearing publication.

Later in the morning today, there was a classic greenYgrey sky highlighting the benefits of the rebranding, with the sun visible through grey cloud. Kind of like in this photo, although the clouds were thicker today:

XaW Files New Winter Positive Spin

Having previously declared this time of year nice because the sunrises are at convenient times for rush hour workers, the XaW Files book provides an update, pointing out that there is also less time between sunrise and sunset at this time of year.

Moreover, sunset doesn’t mean the end of the day like in summer. In winter the sunset signals only that it is tea-time, and not nearly bed-time.

Blighty Bigfoot greenYgrey Photo goes Viral

It was only when I read this week’s Wolfstar Consultancy newsletter that I realised our meeting with another legendary creature, Bigfoot, had gone viral. I thought our meeting, the first such one in Blighty, had been secret, and didn’t even know we’d been photographed together! Here’s the harmonious photo of greenYgrey and Bigfoot :


Wolfstar really reported it as a PR stunt by BigFoot Communications. I was straight away struck by its great greenYgreyness though, with 9/10s of it green and grey, and the sun creating a Yish yellow window to the sky.

Blog this Week

Sorry if you were expecting a blog post on Monday. A combination of the Paris attack and working hard editing XaW Files meant I didn’t feel like blogging anything. Nothing seemed right until I read the above Wolfstar newsletter, and that was the first time I felt like blogging; the first time something seemed right to post.

Maybe you expected a serious follow up to last week’s blog, which could be interpreted as being quite prophetic after the Paris attacks, and the U.N. being truly united for once. I don’t know, and don’t think now’s the right time to discuss it. I’ll probably return to it in the future.

Sometimes some humour is needed, and we do of course like to mix it up and keep you on your toes here at the greenYgrey! The advice governments give is just to keep calm and continue as normal as possible, so that’s what were (sic) doing.

With respects to the victims of the Lebanon, Paris and Mali terrorist attacks this week, and remembering the people suffering under I.S. tyranny every day; and under all the other unjust rulers, leaders and systems.

Our Military Save Us from the Unimaginable

Mixed messages are the norm in the greenYgrey world, and that helped create one of our best and most loved characters. Yes, none other than Love the mixed-up vole.

Remembering the Fallen Soldiers

In just over an hour (under an hour by the time of posting), at 11 on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, Blighty will remember its fallen soldiers on Armistice Day. A century ago there were terrible scenes in the trenches of northern Europe. Today, there are thankfully none in Europe, although there are just across the sea in the Middle-East.

Although I don’t agree with all of Britain’s wars, and all the actions of the military, both at home and abroad, I think those who have died in service of the country deserve to be remembered.

It is also the time to contemplate the horrors of war, and what it entails to fight in a real life-and-death battle. Something that I haven’t done.

Right to Write

Ironically, I just read an article about a Percy Bysshe Shelley poem from two centuries ago, criticising the ruling class and their love of war. It includes a greenYgrey image of Shelley.

I also agreed with most of Shelley’s points. The same as I agree with a lot of what Thomas Paine and Mary Wollstonecraft wrote, when they criticised the ruling classes in their lifetimes.

One-dimensional readers, symbolised by green or grey in the greenYgrey world, might be wondering how I can support the country’s military, as well as the criticism of those who controlled it two centuries ago, and basically still control it.

The Freedom to Criticise, Need for Defence

I have always thought like this. I was a staunch socialist in the 1980s, but supported the Falklands War because the British island was attacked, and I still think we have more of a historical right to it, although Argentina of course have more of a geographical right.

However, if the world was run on geographical rights, then Denmark would have to give the Faroe Islands to Britain, and Greenland to Canada. Argentina’s biggest European supporter, Spain, should give the Canary Islands to their nearest African country.

[I have nothing personal against those countries by the way, and am just using them as examples. Denmark’s social values have always been exemplary; Spain has many virtues; I loved the 1978 Argentina World Cup and my time at the awesome Iguazu Falls shared with Brazil; and I have loved my time holidaying in the Canary Islands.]

Growing up with war films and comics in the 1970s I imagined fighting in the conflicts depicted, but also lived under what seemed like the real threat of nuclear war; and nuclear winter if surviving the blast.

Now, the political ideologies have given way to the religious, with I.S. threatening Europe from across the Mediterranean Sea.  The need for a strong conventional military deterrent seems greater than ever.

The Classical Greek Example

My greenYgreyness in modern Britain is also reflected in my thoughts on ancient Classical Greece.

I have a lot of respect for the total war mentality of the Spartans, who were trained for battle from birth.

However, I also value and have tried to emulate the Greek critical philosophers, such as Socrates.

Watching a documentary recently about Socrates, I thought the example of his Greek age was relevant to Britain and Europe today, in relation to the I.S. threat.

Socrates and other intellectuals argued for more and more freedom to criticise at the height of their Athens state’s hegemony, but then Athens was defeated by the Spartans, who would not tolerate criticism at all.

Britain and Europe is Good but not Perfect

The lesson I drew from the Greek example, in addition to my previous thinking, is that freedom and the right to criticise are valuable to a civilised society, but that there are undoubtedly limits to what can and should be said and done, if people are going to do what is good for the whole of society, and not just their interests, or those of their social group.

I write that as a critical theorist, who has always wanted more freedom of speech and social equality in Britain, and will continue to do so.

I think that those who believe in a utopian society, and think it is that or nothing, as I kind of sometimes did in my youth, risk weakening the country to the point of collapse, and Britain and Europe could end up in a totally dystopian slavery comparable to Athens under the Spartans.

The Queen has done well, but she can never do as well as a poor woman living with the same morality and stoicism.

Fell-running Book Cites greenygrey Scenery Creating Happy

Richard Askwith includes a greenYgrey sighting in his 2004 book about fell running, Feet in the Clouds.

On page 223 he wrote: ‘…deep in the mountains at the far end of Loch Katrine. And now, at this new campsite, equally waterlogged and amiable, with a circle of grey-green mountains rising peacefully into the encircling cloud banks, I once again feel happy to be where I am.’

greenygrey Improvement

This is of course an old-fashioned greenygrey sighting, before the rebranding brought more yellow in the middle of the greenYgrey, which refers more to greenygrey scenery with sunshine.

Example of greenygrey:


Example of greenYgrey:


Although Askwith is a more skilled wordsmith than me, and a more accomplished fell runner, I think that greenygrey sounds smoother and nicer than grey-green.

However, Askwith was writing in a time when writing was more formal, and of course before the greenygrey and greenYgrey entered the human world.

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