Remembering Rock n’ Roll… in a greenygrey Way

While Marc Latham has been trying to write with as doctoral and mainstream a voice as possible for the last decade, there’s always an influence from the 1960s-style counter-culture he entered around 1980 , when Heavy Metal music and culture inspired him to learn about that genre’s history.

California Dreamin’

While his sporting focus remained rooted in Britain, and there are many great British rock bands, Marc was most interested in the escapism of the 1980s LA music scene, from Van Halen to Guns N’ Roses, including Motley Crue, Faster Pussycat and LA Guns.

The Hollywood Vampires supergroup are now celebrating that culture and ethos. They are the survivors though, and many didn’t make it.

In the introduction to his first poetry collection, published after grunge had dealt a crushing blow to the California rockĀ scene, Marc wrote that he mentally spent his weeks in Seattle and weekends in LA.

Surviving Rock n’ Roll

Marc didn’t party as hard as a lot of rock n’ rollers, and doesn’t recommend you do either, but on the other hand, greenYgrey style, he doesn’t want to preach either, and doesn’t think he’ll deter anybody who feels that way inclined anyway.

He wants you to have as best a time as possible, but knows that can be twisted negatively – condescending to the youf culture, or irresponsible to the middle-aged.

Marc is now middle-aged, but still remembers his youf. Those were his bands then, and they still are now. New generations have had their own bands, but rock n’ roll never changes that much, and just seems to go round in circles.

Coma-Tones Only the Angels

So he still takes an interest in rock music, and tries to attend at least one rock concert a year – the rock n’ roll hall of fame greenYgrey gYg of the year.

He also reads news on the Planet Rock and Classic Rock websites.

Reading the Classic Rock article headlines today my attention was grabbed by a band described as being too underground to reach the heights of Guns N’ Roses.

I couldn’t remember hearing of the Coma-tones, and that’s probably because they apparently didn’t want to sell the rights to their songs, including the one below, which I think is an instant listen classic.

A couple of their members have apparently left this Earth, but cause of exit isn’t known.

The video is also a greenYgrey classic, combining urban highway greenYgrey colours with unpredictable forwards-backwards motion.


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