X Files New Series Trailer

The XaW Files has been being written since May 2014. There was no sign of a new X Files series then. Rumours started this year that there might be a new series. Now, there is the first filmed evidence, with a trailer for the new series on YouTube. Moreover, it’s looking like there’s some great greenYgrey scenes:

I hope to have my X Files poetry and prose parody published by the new series in January 2016.

The previous books in the fantasy travel by Google Maps trilogy are available on Amazon .


2 thoughts on “X Files New Series Trailer

  1. The X-Files-inspired book looks cool. I hope to see it featured largely on your site soon. As a fan of the series myself (grew up watching it), I think it’s a good idea. Also, I think you could reach a wide audience with it, as there are a lot of science-fiction fans, fresh from watching SY-Fi channel shows, that would like a physical book to read just for a change.

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    • Thanks. Yes, hopefully I’ll feature it more in the future. It’s more like the X-Files comedy episodes in theme, but there is a more serious side to it too, although that’s more about delving into my own mind, and seeing what coincidences occurred, with fact and fiction juxtaposed throughout.

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