Now Expired… God Save the greenYgrey3

Our old home at has now expired. It was an enjoyable place to live for seven years, and thanks to the webmaster for maintaining it well, and everybody who visited it.

Successful Growth of Visitor Numbers

Starting with visitor numbers in monthly double figures, the website grew to hundreds a day, and thousands a month.

Screenshot (7)

There were over 5000 visitors in March this year, with 737 on March 6th.

Screenshot (6)

Website Not the Main Reason

However, the website was only supposed to publicise my writing, but it and the blog were taking up most of the time. Yes, I think I spoilt you, with new free blogs nearly every day, and only one or two days a week of book writing.

It was what I wanted to do, so I only have myself to blame, and did enjoy writing for you, and seeing the stats grow.

The third of the fantasy trilogy, XaW Files, seemed like it was taking forever though, and I really needed to concentrate on it. That urgency was partly inspired by news of a new series of X Files in January, 2016, which gave me a target to aim at.

I would be happy to just blog for you all the time, but only if I was getting enough money to give up the day-job; especially to get away from Dastardly and Muttley!

Other Reasons and Issues

I’ve rebranded the greenYgrey to include yellow, brightening up the image, and I think completing the dominant colours of the British landscape and cities; and many other regions of the world that have greenery rather than desert or snow.

Google were also changing the way they ranked websites, adapting to more use of phones and tablets for web browsing. To upgrade the website to make it user-friendly for them I was quoted a price of hundreds of pounds. This WordPress site is already adapted, and free.

The old website blog did have a technical issue too, with only titles posting on the main page, which started after an upgrade.

Plans for

My main emphasis now is editing and publishing XaW Files. So for the next couple of months I plan on blogging once a week, probably continuing on Mondays if I can.

Once that book is published I’ll hopefully have more time to blog, and will probably serialise the rest of the book, having already done the first three chapters.

I’d hoped to edit the book quickly, but I love my writing too much, and also want to make it as easy to read and understand as possible for you, so I’m doing a thorough job, and that takes time.

I haven’t changed my attitude and beliefs, but Blighty and the world has changed. Some for the better and some for the worse. I feel as if I have done all I can, and the world just carries on anyway, so I don’t have the campaigning zeal that developed over the last seven years, but I still hope to write what I think, while entertaining too.

Kate Moss.


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