Welcome to Our New greenYgrey3 Home

I will try and continue providing art and comedy in this new website home, but will try and make it clear what I’m doing, as I know surreal artwork and dry humour can be difficult to follow and understand, and especially on blogs, which aren’t as easy to read as a book.

I tried to make the greenYgrey world as realistic as possible on the last site, but think it was probably hard to follow and understand. The werewolf characters created there will live on in the XaW Files book when it’s published  on Amazon with the rest of Dr. Marc Latham’s self-proclaimed genius humble books.

Disposable Readymades Guerilla Marketing

I’ve been using guerilla marketing to promote my writing for the last seven years. It is a legal, common and popular advertising technique for small businesses on a budget.

While others focus on leafletting or street campaigning, I’ve focused online, and mostly keeping it to my websites and social media accounts. While I’m using others’ advertising to promote my work, I am also advertising their advertising, so it can be beneficial to them too.

As with my fantasy rambling it’s all done in the best possible taste, as Kenny Everett used to say; and I liked some of his comedy without caring about his sexuality in a positive or negative way.

Finding Readymades in the XaW Files World

After considering my greenYgrey advertising and public relations an art form for a few years I discovered the origins of the art form while journeying once more into the fantasy rambling by maps world, for the third and final part of a trilogy, which is a travel quest for our Andy Warhol.

The readymade art form was pioneered by Marcel Duchamp, and one of his most famous works was a urinal turned into a Fountain.

Advert Readymade Perfectly Built

I was thinking of blogging today, having blogged here the last couple of Mondays, but then had decided to concentrate on editing the XaW Files.

However, as I started a video on YouTube, this advert played, and seemed perfect for the theme of welcoming you to the new rebranded greenYgrey home, with the Y symbolising yellow for the new tricolour brand.

The bathroom and wellbeing message is also a 3, and could be shortened greenYgrey style to bathroomYwellbeing.

It is also called bathroom poetry, so the advertising world has borrowed from the creative arts, as were (sic) now borrowing back from them.

While we have admiration and respect for Tatjana Patitz, and all supermodels in general, the art and comedy of the advert for the greenYgrey is the bathroom itself, with green and grey the dominant foreground colours complemented by yellow light and toiletries.


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