New Statue Discovery Evokes Memories of X Files Parody Chapters 1 and 2

We’ve tried to recreate the travel experience for our fantasy rambles by mostly Google Maps and Wikipedia, so please treat the recent quiet period on the blog as a hiatus, as happens On The Road, when you stop for work etc.

XaW Files Last Episode

The good news is that were (sic) on the last episode, but it’s taking a while to exit it, as were (sic) trying to make it a classic ending fitting of an epic tale.

Moreover, the greenYgrey-related news just keeps on entering our world from the human.

Russian Statue from Holocene Era

That was never more true than today, when we saw a story on Yahoo News about a Russian statue covered in writing from an unknown language that has been dated to the Holocene era 11,000 years ago.

The XaW Files ramble of course started in Russia, and then we raved about the holocene wildlife surviving in the Baltic States in Chapter 2.

Moreover, its image looked totally greenYgrey:



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