Mirror Poem Reflection on Political and Social Spin

Reflection 49 of 121 in 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections reflected Distraction in Spin Action, which was posted on fmpoetry.wordpress.com in July 2011. The reflection is an explanation and update on the poem, so I include both below. The grooming scandal was the main reason for the reflection highlighting left-wing and counter-culture spin action.

Last year, after twenty years of cover-ups and inaction, the full extent of the child exploitation abuse cases under the New Labour regime were finally revealed.

Ironically, it was followed by liberal corporate publishers and the left-wing mainstream media launching and promoting the ‘new Jimmy Saville’ Russell Brand’s ‘anti-capitalist’ Revolution!

Distraction in Spin Action
the deadly bee
said the
spider to me
in the web
you can look
here now
my milked prize

Reflection 49

This poem was about how people demonise others to win popularity and distract people’s attention from their crimes, ambitions or failings.

When I started studying at university I focused my attention on how right-wing elite society did this, before the political, banking and media scandals brought it all to the surface.

But by then I had widened my scope to all of humanity, as I had seen ‘left-wing’ New Labour involved in those scandals, and the ‘counter-culture’ lying, spinning and censoring as much as those they criticised.

I used to think that the left and ‘counter-culture’ were the goodies, but now I just see them as the other side; one half of a self-perpetuating human whole that lives off competition, division, power and greed. When ‘rebels’ gain power it usually corrupts them, and they become like those they considered not fit to rule.

I saw the documentaries of Adam Curtis (All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace) between writing the poem and this book, and they seem to provide a good overview of the competition at the heart of humanity and society.

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