Mirror Poem Reflection on Political and Social Spin

Reflection 49 of 121 in 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections reflected Distraction in Spin Action, which was posted on fmpoetry.wordpress.com in July 2011. The reflection is an explanation and update on the poem, so I include both below. The grooming scandal was the main reason for the reflection highlighting left-wing and counter-culture spin action.

Last year, after twenty years of cover-ups and inaction, the full extent of the child exploitation abuse cases under the New Labour regime were finally revealed.

Ironically, it was followed by liberal corporate publishers and the left-wing mainstream media launching and promoting the ‘new Jimmy Saville’ Russell Brand’s ‘anti-capitalist’ Revolution!

Distraction in Spin Action
the deadly bee
said the
spider to me
in the web
you can look
here now
my milked prize

Reflection 49

This poem was about how people demonise others to win popularity and distract people’s attention from their crimes, ambitions or failings.

When I started studying at university I focused my attention on how right-wing elite society did this, before the political, banking and media scandals brought it all to the surface.

But by then I had widened my scope to all of humanity, as I had seen ‘left-wing’ New Labour involved in those scandals, and the ‘counter-culture’ lying, spinning and censoring as much as those they criticised.

I used to think that the left and ‘counter-culture’ were the goodies, but now I just see them as the other side; one half of a self-perpetuating human whole that lives off competition, division, power and greed. When ‘rebels’ gain power it usually corrupts them, and they become like those they considered not fit to rule.

I saw the documentaries of Adam Curtis (All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace) between writing the poem and this book, and they seem to provide a good overview of the competition at the heart of humanity and society.

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X Files Parody Ends Chapter Crossing Czech to Slovakia with Epic Episode

Today’s final episode of Chapter 3 crosses the border from the Czech Republic to Slovakia, and was inspired by reading Isabel Kuhl’s Andy Warhol biography, and discovering he’d written a satirical cookery book called Wild Raspberries. Moreover, as this episode ends the chapter in Slovakia, there was a strange discovery worthy of an X Files parody, as I read on Wikipedia that Warhol’s parents were from Slovakia’s Mikova.

This episode contains heaps of poetry, lots of prose, and a few spoons of comedy.

Chapter 3 Episode 24

Humanity is distraction, raspberry for action, Wolfhol gets reaction.

I woke up with the above thoughts in my mind, having had a restless night’s sleep.

It was the last episode of the chapter,
and we were heading to Slovakia.

To death I didn’t think,
to life I couldn’t sink,
to live like a human,
with all that consuming,
the distortion entailed,
healthy aura paled,
no more green and yellow,
just grey plain and fallow,
blow a raspberry to it all,
did I just hear Wolfhol’s call?

Slovakian Raspberry Ripple

I woke up with a berry feeling the like of which I had not known since the Grey part of me passed through Canberra on its epic ramble across all regions of Oz.

When the others arose I told them of raspberries rippling through my dream consciousness. I told them it could be a message, as we were about to enter Slovakia, to complete the third chapter, and I had a feeling something exciting was about to happen.

‘Let’s get going then,’ said Jack,
‘there’s no point holding back
I’m the death
your last breath
of indecision
poetic precision
cutting through you like a knife
helping out your inner strife
so raspberries it is
forget all that sparkly fizz
good old fashioned berries
loved by wandering wereies.’

Slovakia Molecular

Make over to the east
for a rollicking raspberry feast
I thought I heard my dream echo
so we set off the next seco
‘What do you call air-conditioning for moles?’
asked Love, our one of them mixed-up voles
‘I don’t know,’ said Jack and I,
‘What do you call air-conditioning for moles?’
‘molecular,’ replied Love, ‘mole cooler mixed with molecule science, do you get it?’
We all laughed, getting it after a little time with the explanation.

Oh yes, travelling Slovakian roads is something to savour
providing some of the fun of life on the ocean wave
if you have a right royal company all merry
and lovely jokes on the way to promises of raspberry.

Raspberries Ahoy, Andy Parody Ploy

Oh yes, travelling Slovakian roads is something to savour
providing some of the fun of life on the ocean wave
if you have a right royal company all merry
and lovely jokes on the way to promises of raspberry.

It wasn’t long before Jack spotted a field full of raspberries. We looked for our Andy Wolfhol amongst them, but unfortunately couldn’t see him anyway.

So we started tucking into the raspberries. They tasted so delicious we just kept on tucking in… until we couldn’t tuck our bellies in!

We relaxed back among the remaining raspberries
feeling like flowers festooned with fairies
when I saw someone approaching our way
could it be an original Wolfhol artistic display
No, I recognised her straightaway when she laughed
it was the original one and only Mary Werewolfstonecraft
our satirical comedy philosophy correspondent
based on original liberal feminist Mary Wollstonecraft
‘I’ve come here to give you a message,’ she intoned,
‘I read yesterday that Andy Warhol’s ancestral home
was in Mikova
here in Slovakia
have you been
and Wolfhol seen?’
‘No,’ I replied, ‘for I did not know about Mikova
although this morning I thought I heard ‘Make Over’
so maybe it was a message I misheard
mistranslating into English a Slovakian word.
I also thought raspberries offered a clue
so we set off in search of where they grew
we found this fantastic field
with a red ripe raspberry yield
only there was no sign of Wolfhol
and it seemed another missed call.
‘That’s funny,’ said Mary’s voice on the breeze
‘for there was a book about Wild Raspberries
by Andy Warhol the artist cook
but it was really a satirical book.
Mikova’s back farther west in Slovakia
and it’s time to cross the border
as this episode is already stretched too far
pulled by Chapter 4’s gravity like a fading star.’

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

X Files Parody Poem Travels Poland and Czech Republic

In the penultimate episode of Chapter 3 our intrepid travel questers cross over the border from Poland to the Czech Republic, which is the penultimate country on the planned itinerary, with an epic poem. Will the comedy fantasy ramblers make it to the last country and episode. Please return for the next thrilling episode… but please read this one first…

Chapter 3 Episode 23

There seemed no point
in asking Warsaw
if it saw our Wolfhol
as his motto is ‘Wolf not War’
and if he’d passed
through noticed
surely the city
would now be called

No Check before the Czech Republic

I’d woken up early, feeling refreshed. Love and Jack were already awake.

Jack said they were about to check up on me, and was glad I awoke beforehand, as he didn’t really want to use a ‘check’ joke before arriving in the Czech Republic.

Passing Poland Poem

We made good progress,
passing through Plock,
avoiding a road block.

We lost a little time
when Love got lodged
between loadsa leaves in Lodz.

We rolled into Wroclaw
where rock seems law
hair metal to the floor.

The border was in sight
but Love brailled a better crosser
finding all the letters in Czestochowa.

No Cheque in the Czech Republic

We crossed into Czech
without any checks
so straightaway looked for treks.

We didn’t have any
cheques to pay
so just went our own way.

Love liked the sound
of Hradec Kralove
so we went there straight off.

I knew it was a great choice
when I heard a voice
say we were on the Golden Road.

My Y loved walking on the Gold
and it reminded Grey of its epic trek
on the dust sandy path of Oz.

It got even better when we arrived
and I saw a coat of arms
with a lion holding a golden G.

I was in rhapsody
which was quite apt
as we were in Bohemia.

There was no Live Queen
but we met the unconscious
in Land of Many Names’s Josef Čapek.

A critical artist
killed in Concentration
similar in part to Charlie Hebdo.

I would’ve liked to visit
the western Karlovy Vary
as the name and images looked very…

Karlovy Vary Czech.jpg

… Yes, you may have guessed
greeny grey like my name
I hope so if you’re still playing the game..?

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

X Files Parody Ramble Around Poland and Inside Mind

Marc Latham travelled to all the populated continents on a shoestring in his twenties, not having any other plans after that. So everything since has been a bonus.

He wasn’t the best traveller in the world, or world-changer. He just travelled for the sake of it: to have fun, see nice places, meet interesting people, and learn a little.

He then started further education, and finished with a PhD a decade later. He would have preferred a regular salaried academic job, once wanting to become another Chomsky, but academia seemed more interested in inspiring Jihad Johns and Janes at the time!

So Marc became a freelance writer, and had four books published before self-publishing two of his own. He has also run four marathons and done some marathon hikes.

Life and Ambition

The above is just to clarify Marc’s life emphasis, and that he’s living his life for himself, and competing against targets and ambitions he sets himself. He doesn’t consider himself a part of the ‘rat-race’.

Brian May of Queen fame was on the Question Time political debate programme recently, and said it was disappointing that the Labour representative was talking about aspiration only in terms of career, as it used to mean achieving things outside the workplace.

That was the time that inspired Marc, although he has been inspired since too, and he thinks the current generation are generally blinkered and brainwashed by the way Britain has been run since Thatcher, and through the New Labour years. Of course, the recession has probably made people focus more on work, and be glad of having a job etc, and I don’t blame them at all for putting their security first..

Marc generally has good wishes to all who wish him well, and part of him doing what he does is hopefully to inspire those who want to be inspired, as he was inspired by people before starting to travel, write and run long distances.

For those who don’t want to be inspired, or even read it; probably the same kind of Negatives who criticised Jane Tomlinson and Jamie Oliver; please don’t bother reading!

XaW Files in Poland

With 202 episodes to write, I would have thought the greenYgrey would have kept to the minimum words allowed by our quantity control, which is about one page of Google Docs, but this episode rambles on for three pages!

Well, the greenYgrey had been rambling in head more than foot and paw for most of the chapter, and had rambled itself into a corner with three countries to visit in three episodes, so it only has itself to blame really.

Chapter 3 Episode 22

I am jealous
of my younger self
nobody else
but it didn’t have
all the knowledge
I’ve accrued
on the other hand
I hadn’t made the mistakes
I’ve since rued
and not all the knowledge
is needed or wanted
I don’t really want
to write about it
any more
but I tell myself
it’ll soon
be over
and I’ve already
to get to the
of the page…

Carry Me Kamienne Kregi

The dip in the sea
toast and coffee
Love and warmth
had indeed helped
to revive gradually
my frozen memory.

However, I was still not feeling 100%, or as it’s known in the greenYgrey world, 50/10/40%, what with green having five letters, Y having one, and grey four. I asked the others if they knew anywhere nice in Poland. Jack said he’d seen many on the flight, but a place just south-west of Gdansk had stood out.

So we looked it up on Google Maps, and Jack pinpointed it to Kamienne Kregi in the Grzybnica natural reserve near Koszalin. I sure did like the sound of it.

Destination identified, now we left Nowy, swimming quickly, around Rewa, past Puck, left of Leba, rowing round Rowy, straight south through Slupsk, bolting by Bytow… so fast I collapsed, and had to be carried into Kamienne Kregi by the others.

Jack Wolfpac Answers Back

‘I can walk from here,’ I offered, although I didn’t really feel like it.

‘No, no,’ answered Jack, ‘you look worn out, definitely overdoing it. I suspected that from your first paragraph, but I knew you wanted to get the ramble flowing again, so I was happy to bring you here.’

Jack Wolfpac Harks Back

‘I must admit,’ Jack continued, ‘that I seem to have brought you a long way around, which has probably contributed to your exhausted state. I wonder now if I subconsciously did it just to see more of Poland’s Baltic Sea coast, as I had liked what I saw around Gdansk. It was worth the journey for me, but I wouldn’t have undertaken it if I’d known you were going to collapse.’

‘Jumping Jack Wolfpac,’ I replied, ‘I am not sorry you brought me the way you did. It was indeed a beautiful journey. I think it was my own fault for collapsing, as I had already started rambling long before the travelling started, and now continue, even though I am well past the one-page finishing line.’

‘I think I know how you feel,’ replied Jack, ‘although I have of course only written a few blog posts on the greenYgrey blog. It’s hard to get started, but once you get into the rhythm, it flows easily, and even gets enjoyable within the zone… like rambling exercise in fact. So good you don’t want to stop at the finishing line… wanting to carry on until you see and feel the painfully cold bricks of the wall.’

‘Why (Jack was still talking to us all, and not just my Y), my human inspiration Jack Kerouac was supposed to have written On The Road in one go, on one scroll of paper.’

Winter Sunset Positive Spin

‘I think I know how that could have happened,’ I replied, ‘especially while listening to Guns N’ Roses after coffees and a run, and the sun setting is a better clock face than in summer, for the winter sunset signals that the day is only half old, and not nearly finished as in the warm months… although the longer sunshine is better then, always calling me out to play, but I can’t always go, can’t always go out to play. So, it’s nice to be here with you now, out in the open, in a beautiful nature reserve, enjoying the sun, free with the feeling of a day’s good travelling, with great companions who helped me reach today’s destination, and yesterday’s too of course.’

‘Thank you,’ said Love, ‘it’s been great listening to you, but I think you’ve overdone it again. Lets get settled for the night, and put our feet and paws up. I realised today we’ve still got the Czech Republic and Slovakia to visit, and only two episodes left in the chapter to see them.’

‘Gazooks,’ I said, ‘I was going to suggest using some of this episode for the next, but it looks like we’re going to need all the next two episodes to provide a fitting finale to the chapter!’

Just then, Use Your Illusion 2 ended, and I’d reached Page 3 of this document, in a week when The Sun’s Page 3 had dominated the U.K. headlines!

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.