Poem Reflection about Charity and Freedom of Information

Marc Latham left university in 2005 hoping to make a difference while creating a writing career, and set up the greenYgrey website. I don’t know if it made a difference at all, but it was there, and he’s had his say. Edward Snowden said he’d already won his mission, just by releasing the information he did.

I don’t know if Snowden was right to do it, or if it has done more good than bad. I don’t have any state secret information, just my own thoughts, and some interesting experiences. Some of it pushes the boundaries of right and left, but it always tries to maintain a greenYgrey perspective.

Freedom of Information Reality Check

Marc had a similar attitude to Snowden when a student, but it has been tempered by the rise of Islamism, which is much more fascist and murderous than the ‘West’. The ‘East’ doesn’t believe in much freedom of information either. So, Marc now supports the ‘West’ more than he ever has done: not because he believes in them any more than before, but just because he doesn’t believe there’s any better viable alternative: the world isn’t going to follow Bhutan’s lead, because humanity likes power, consumerism and religions that promise redemption and rewards.

Charity is still Great

A decade a go, Marc was a staunch socialist, and charity supporter, but his enthusiasm had subsided somewhat by the time he wrote and published What’s Your Work Worth? on fmpoetry.wordpress.com in April 2011. That was probably because New Labour had spent all the country’s money, and a lot of it was spent on making Britain into a breeding ground for Islamism, while covering up the grooming of children, which was probably partly funded by ‘charity money’.

Since then we’ve had the Jimmy Saville revelations, Russell Brand taking over the role, and a 92-year-old woman committing suicide because she’d given up on humanity, apparently after being hassled by charities.

Charities apparently give good salaries to those at the top, but say it is worth it. I don’t know the ins and outs, but still give to some.

Reflection 47

Who is good, and what is good, depends on the person, culture and society. There is no clear consensus, just different people with their own opinions and cultural norms.

The high pay of some charity workers and public sector employees has blurred the picture between working for good or money, and even if some people have an interest in helping a cause, it doesn’t mean they are necessarily nice people in the rest of their lives.

Smashwords cover


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