X Files Parody Dream Flight from Ukraine to Poland

With Chapter 3s 24 episodes running out, and only 2 of the planned 5 countries visited, today’s latest episode to be serialised of an X Files parody that follows its chapters and episodes format, brings to an end a trilogy of episodes written consecutively, but broken down into three as they were each long enough to be an episode.

Epic Poem Introduction

Greetings greenYgreyliens, it’s Harry Silhouetteof-Wolfhowlingonhill, inspired by Harry Hill, and new fiction writing correspondent at the greenYgrey. I’ve taken on the new role because G.G. Howling has left for the XaW Files world. In an unexplained coincidence worthy of an X Files parody, she set off for Porto, as if knowing that her inspiration J.K. Rowling had started her Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone career-creating book there.

Today’s epic poem of an epic trilogy in an epic fantasy ramble around all of Eurasia using mostly Google Maps and Wikipedia to guide the way, starts off with the travel questers arriving in Poland, then travels back in time to find out how they arrived there through telling by Jack Kerouac inspired Jack Wolfpac, and Love the mixed-up vole.

For new or rusty readers, I think it continues the first trilogy of fantasy travel by maps’ combination of deep thought, flexible poetic storytelling, creative comedy wordplay, travel experience and some nice images in line with our greenYgrey theme.

Chapter 3 Episode 21 (Buckcrunch 3)

Lake Hole to Pole Break

I am where I want to be
flying out of the sea
in the arms of Love
like ball in glove

landing down in Gdansk
among shipyards thanks
waiting on the ground
companion Jack found
we hugged one another
under PGE Letnica.

I have been everywhere
wanted to go here-there
but last I remembered
I was in Kiev lakeside bed
dreaming strange thoughts
thinking up poetry shorts
I asked over toast
north Poland coast
a mug of coffee
in port called Nowy

Nicest is Nicer than Nice

How did I get to be here
thank you Love and Sir
Jack said they were sleeping
when he awoke to weeping
something seemed to be saying
as if greenYgreying:
‘Nice is not nearly enough
Nicer is just about enough
Nicest is exactly enough
to match number of enough letters.’

So he woke Love and they walked
to where the Dneiper lakeside talked
enough about nice things
where letter formation sings…

‘Come in for a swim
dive in on a whim
the greenYgrey is already in
enjoying itself with a grin
already in its second lake
admittedly after taking a break.’

Love Story Leaving Ukraine

‘So we dove in morning glory,’
said Love continuing the story,
‘both splashing into the icy blue,
following you from lake one to two.
Jack saw you on the lake bed
looking poorly it must be said
all the colour gone from your fur
just a shape little more than a blur
Jack suggested warmer water
so to the next open sea we brought ya.’

‘Back over Belarus we flew,’
said Jack starting the tale anew
stanza to finish the tale
fitting finale for him to regale,
‘ironically following the direction
of the terrible Chernobyl radiation
over Pinsk and Bialystok
as the crow flies cuckoo clock
above Olsztyn we did see the sea
dipping down Dabki to warm your memory.’

Previous Book in the Trilogy

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.


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