Student and Manager Snobbery in University and the Workplace

As an addition to the last blog, I would just like to add that as well as seeing bullying and grooming in university and the workplace, I have also seen different kinds of snobbery… which is a part of the bullying and grooming in the workplace as well.

This isn’t about nationality, ethnicity or gender, with all culpable. In fact, none of the main guilty parties I can think of are born and bred in the city I live in.

Snobbery Born of Ignorance


At university, the snobbery was mostly the upper classes thinking they are inherently superior to the lower classes. While most upper class students are bright and inteIligent, there are many working-class people who could do just as well if given the same opportunities.

I thought this showed their ignorance, either naïve or chosen ignorance, of their privileged upbringings, and how Britain has become more class-orientated and class-divided in the last twenty years than it was before.


That was one of the reasons I became disillusioned with university, along with the behaviour of some tutors, and I bigged up the workers of my day-job when I returned there. When Endemol asked for television programme ideas, I even sent them one suggesting a programme with ordinary job people competing to find the best. I never heard back from them about it, but a similar programme did later surface.

However, a few years down the line, I have become just as disillusioned with some of my working-class day-job managers as I was with the university tutors. Not only do they bully and groom like them, but they are also as snobby.

No matter how many times I say that it is just a day-job to finance my writing, they have to make out that they are superior to me because they are in a higher position in the company!

As upper-class students either do not think, or choose not to accept, their class advantage, the day-job duty managers either cannot think, or choose not to accept, work experience and desire.

Some of them have been managers for over a decade, and work all the hours they can in a role they live around, doing a job that largely remains the same, and then they think they’re superior if they know more than a low-level worker who has no interest in the job beyond making a few quid to fund his primary interest!


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