Grooming Culture and Tactics at Work Same as University

I think that one of reasons more wasn’t done to stop the child exploitation abuse grooming cases in Britain was that there is a grooming culture in most British institutions, with tutors and managers using their power and position to groom underlings, according to my experience in university and my day-job.

Bully the Boys, Groom the Girls

I was witness to this as a student and low-level worker, and also a victim of it, as one of the tricks the Head of Departments and some Managers impress the girls with is bullying the male low-level workers. If the low-level worker isn’t being a problem, they  make him out to be a problem, so they can appear as the all-powerful leader that seems to impress many women.

This was seen in last year’s rise to sex stardom of Russell Brand and Jihad John.

While Brand’s fans might think him the dandy rebel, he is in fact a rich robber baron, manufacturing consent (I could use a rude female genital word with sense there, but this is a family blog) with a few Chomsky quotes that any first year politics student knows, while sadistically bullying those with less power and influence, such as the father of one of his victims, Andrew Sachs, and the unpopular at the time chancellor of the exchequer George Osbourne.

Women bosses can be just as sadist, and Anne Robinson implied on the Weakest Link that the ones who usually gain power are those who sleep with the boss, or those who give up their morals, compassion and integrity, and sign up for the traditionally male behaviour role of being clinically cutthroat.

Hopefully times are changing now, but they still seem the same from my recent experience.

A Million Fascist Bosses Instead of One

Most people wonder why the world is the way it is, but as soon as they get a little power a lot act the same way, so the downward spiral continues.

While they may support workers’ rights in their workplace, they support a sadistic boss putting them before the workers when they are a consumer.

The mass psyche is often shown on social media, which seems like a Pandora’s Box for sadistic bullies.

The rise of Islam and fall of the unions in Britain seems a double whammy for a socialist utopia in the U.K.!

Mirror Poem Reflection 46

All the above is an introduction to Reflection 46 of 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections, which is much cheaper, original and more revolutionary than Brand’s revolting book; supporting women without trying to use it to groom them.

This reflection mirrored Simplicate, Implicate, Complicate, which has revolutionary wordplay dating from March, 2011.

Happiness is Elusive

The masses can be asses,
and I am one I think,
but you just gotta love ’em,
cos most search for happiness,
which isn’t always easy to find,
I’ve always found,
in fact it’s often seemed
buried six feet underground.

Smashwords cover


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