X Files Parody Fantasy Travel Book Episode Sky Inspiration

To new readers of this blog, I’ve been serialising the third and final part of a fantasy travel by Google Maps trilogy, which is travelling across Europe, having started in eastern Russia and now reached Spain in Chapter 6. However, the serialisation is a little behind, and is at the moment in Ukraine, and deep in winter.

X Files Parody

It led to the journey stalling for a few episodes deep in the mind, which is also a part of most real travel narratives, so hopefully these introspective episodes help create a sense of real travel, which I think is important, even though this is an X Files parody.

The title of this book was inspired by the head honcho of greenYgrey creation, our Andy Warhol, Andy Wolfhol, whose catchphrase was Wolf not War, going AWOL, and then declaring himself the ex-Andy Wolfhol.

Hi, it’s G.G. Howling, fantasy fiction correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by Harry Potter wizard writer J.K. Rowling. Here’s the next episode:

XaW Files: Chapter 3 Episode 19

Buckrunch 1

That’s how this blog started, with a buckrunch. After catching up with my recent story so far, and especially the sunrise thoughts of the last episode, I thought it was time to get down to writing, with Neil Young’s Greatest Hits already five songs and twenty-seven minutes on the battery.

am8.20: Then I remember the last blog, as I see it’s a minute past the time when I saw that sunrise. There was no sun today, only thick low cloud down to green grass, as in an early greenygrey creation myth.

Writing Pool

The sky is silent, as if still sleeping, uniform grey; as if wearing an eye mask to continue sleeping through the light that has now reached its maximum level of overcast-January-gloom.

Jumping into the writing day without a plan, feels like diving into a frozen lake, with just a few open water breaks in the ice, which change all the time, with some freezing over as others thaw.

I’ve entered the lake before, and found an opening to surface again, but don’t know where I’m going once underneath, or where, when or how I’m going to surface… although the lake looks the size of previous XaW Files lakes I’ve swum in.


I surface with the word I started with, having not known what I was going to find when I first wrote that word. It was just a starting point, the mind making itself think and write something, because time was melting away, albeit slowly, like night’s skimpy snow in barely rising temperatures.

I see I have not swum deep or far enough. I submerge once more.

Do seagulls have chameleon abilities I wonder, as I see them swooping ivorygrey between snow and cloud. Maybe they are greenYgreys shapeshifted into seagulls, I wonder, as I have shapeshifted to fly before. But they don’t acknowledge me, as they surely would if they were my species, wouldn’t they?

Although I had become almost certain (i-ce-rtain: in my frozen lake mind) the seagulls were not greenYgreys, I remembered my time amongst humans, and thought that if greenYgreys were like them, in number and mind, then they would not necessarily feel the need to communicate with one of their own species. And sometimes this is wise.

Reading Seagull Footsteps

So the seagulls flew away, leaving the cloud and snow behind, which had changed little, if at all… like my mind. But I had had some thoughts, and written them down, as the seagulls had flown high and swooped low, from cloud to snow.

My experience of our time together seems more real, looking at these words, as they seem solid and lasting. However, the seagulls were up in the air of reality, while I was in the frozen lake of the mind, and these words seem as much theirs as mine… like their footprints in the snow.

I wrote the words, but it was their images in my mind, flying between cloud and snow, like messengers linking concepts, again reminding me of my greenYgrey self.


Neil Young: Greatest Hits.

The Previous Book of the Trilogy:

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.


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