Mirror Poem Reflection about Communication being Spun Negative

For new readers who’ve just found this blog, I’ve been serialising the reflections from my last poetry collection, 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections, and I have now reached Reflection 44 of 121, which reflected Twist and Shake the Snake.

This topic is close to my speciality, and maybe even my heart, as my PhD was in Communications Studies.

Communicating Your Conscious, Barriers to Belief

The Folding Mirror poem, using a form I invented with inspiration from similar forms like haiku, and Caroline Gill helped to develop, was described at the time (February, 2011) on fmpoetry.wordpress.com thus: ‘Here’s a quick stream of consciousness ditty by Marc Latham, about how whatever you do can be spun negatively, and especially if you are isolated/in a minority group. Not saying it’s always that way of course, as sometimes the majority’s criticism of the loner/minority is deserved.’

I talked about this subject again recently, as it’s a constant problem in human society. Only a small portion of your inner self survives in the outer world:

  1. People who don’t know you judge you by your appearance.
  2. People who know others who know you judge you from their opinions.
  3. People who know you judge you from their needs, values and outlook: and can misinterpret you, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Dangers of Playing Parody with Alphas

That’s particularly true with spoken communication, but can also be the same for written, unless you review and clarify everything you write. With parody, I guess that by the second or third person to be told about the joke it can be perceived at face value, even if the first person gets the parody; the second or third person and anyone communicated with further down the line, as messages always get blurred upon multiple telling, might understand the parody as being what the parodist believed and meant, rather than it being a self-parody or a parody of how the parodist viewed the topic or situation.

While group  alphas such as unofficial friend-group leaders and middle-managers/tutors are often the most deserving of parody, it can be dangerous if other group members believe in the alpha, as if the alpha passes it on to them at face value, they are likely to accept it as that.

Anyway, here’s the reflection, which along with the poems on fmpoetry, I share in line with the freedom of information ethos, but also in the hope that you might buy the cheap and ethically self-published book. Despite being a doctor, I try and communicate with you as an equal, rather than a great revolutionary leader!:

Reflection 44

Struggle is reward
for something worth effort
to put yourself out there
in the cold and rain
but if it’s thrown back at you
it’s time to complain.

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