British Election Special: Nick Cave Shows True Feelings for Russell Brand

First of all, sorry to all great greenYgreyliens, and even just good ones, for dwelling on the negatives, but a thought may have escaped them from yesterday’s blog; and to be honest, it escaped me until today!

Those negatives that thought my criticism and derision for Russell Brand’s Revolution was about jealousy might be shocked by my liking Nick Cave’s 20,000 Years on Earth documentary.

My Judgement is Objective

Negatives who have sexual attraction as their first thought might put it down to them thinking Brand is better looking, or on the opposite side of the spectrum, that I fancy Cave.

In fact neither is true. As a heterosexual I have no interest in their looks.

While I think Brand has a sharp and sometimes funny mind, I don’t rate him as a philosophical or political thinker, or even a deep thinker like Cave showed himself to be in the documentary; and in his intense live shows previously.

Russell Brand’s Political Hypocrisy

While Brand has done some good work, I thought his calling for violent Revolution was stupid in the extreme, as well as exploitative. If his fans had followed him he’d probably have watched from up high, while lapping up the extra primetime television coverage that he would probably be given: because he’s just a dandy Jesus-lookalike comedian to the luvvie liberal media.

And when he recently interviewed a party leader, probably fulfilling an egotistical ambition, Labour’s Ed Miliband showed him up as a political novice.

Then he told his Revolutionary followers to vote Labour, when he’d previously told them not to vote, although it was too late to register by then!

Congratulations to Brand for making politicians look good! There would obviously be mass deaths and destruction if he was running the country!!

And although he claims to be a man of the people, and especially a ladies man, Brand focused on money in Miliband’s interview, and didn’t bring up the child exploitation cases, which are the biggest conspiracy crime of recent times, choosing to ignore it like the New Labour government, and another Labour luvvie, Owen Jones in his Chavs book.

Final Word to greenYgreying

However, we do give Brand credit for realising his previous amateurish babbling; no doubt extensively drawn out in his Revolution book!!

And I do have a little jealousy for his riches, book sales and any beautiful women he beds, but I think I would lose ethical and moral value if I lived and acted the same way… just making clear that that’s not why I criticise Brand… although greenYgreying the situation does cloud it… and Brand coming along and doing all the unethical things I avoided, and being lauded by the luvvie-liberals as a great thinker is too ironic to be funny… but does anyone care!?

Not amongst the peace and ethical living luvvie liberal media, publishing and book-buyers it seems!!!


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