Mirror Poem Reflects on Punk, Heavy Metal and New Wave Eras

The next reflection to be serialised reflected the Folding Mirror poem The God PiL, which was published on the fmpoetry.wordpress.com site in 2011.

Punk Mirror Poem Reflection

The reflection is an explanation of the poem, as well as remembering the punk era from my childhood in the late 1970s.

I was more into New Wave in the late 1970s, and Blondie in particular, and then got into Heavy Metal and Rock around 1980.

Both of the above genres had a punky attitude, if not the extremes of pure punk, and then my favourite rock/metal band emerged in 1987 with a very punky attitude that I related to, and that captured the imagination of a generation: Guns N’ Roses.

Punk Parody of Egotistical ‘Friends’

I thought I should include the chronology and dates, as I did work with somebody who was into punk last year, and I wouldn’t want them to think they inspired the poem and reflection.

I don’t know if they would, but it has happened a lot before: such as ‘friends’ claiming a big influence on me twenty years after I was into the cultures and music they found a long time later.

They did partly influence the werewolf characters in this blog, but only as a punkish parody of them!

Reflection 43

This poem was about the limits of our mind’s and planet’s resources, and warning against forcing your opinion and beliefs on others. It incorporates the band name PIL (Public Image Limited) to give it more oomph and memorability, and because writing the poem had brought back memories of PIL and punk.

After recently seeing a trilogy of documentaries marking the 35th anniversary of punk, I wonder how much of the punk ethos was imprinted on my brain all those years ago, as it called for disposable originality. Many of my poems have been written with that kind of mentality, although I don’t remember a punk influence at the time.

Smashwords cover


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