Poem Reflection about Charity and Freedom of Information

Marc Latham left university in 2005 hoping to make a difference while creating a writing career, and set up the greenYgrey website. I don’t know if it made a difference at all, but it was there, and he’s had his say. Edward Snowden said he’d already won his mission, just by releasing the information he did.

I don’t know if Snowden was right to do it, or if it has done more good than bad. I don’t have any state secret information, just my own thoughts, and some interesting experiences. Some of it pushes the boundaries of right and left, but it always tries to maintain a greenYgrey perspective.

Freedom of Information Reality Check

Marc had a similar attitude to Snowden when a student, but it has been tempered by the rise of Islamism, which is much more fascist and murderous than the ‘West’. The ‘East’ doesn’t believe in much freedom of information either. So, Marc now supports the ‘West’ more than he ever has done: not because he believes in them any more than before, but just because he doesn’t believe there’s any better viable alternative: the world isn’t going to follow Bhutan’s lead, because humanity likes power, consumerism and religions that promise redemption and rewards.

Charity is still Great

A decade a go, Marc was a staunch socialist, and charity supporter, but his enthusiasm had subsided somewhat by the time he wrote and published What’s Your Work Worth? on fmpoetry.wordpress.com in April 2011. That was probably because New Labour had spent all the country’s money, and a lot of it was spent on making Britain into a breeding ground for Islamism, while covering up the grooming of children, which was probably partly funded by ‘charity money’.

Since then we’ve had the Jimmy Saville revelations, Russell Brand taking over the role, and a 92-year-old woman committing suicide because she’d given up on humanity, apparently after being hassled by charities.

Charities apparently give good salaries to those at the top, but say it is worth it. I don’t know the ins and outs, but still give to some.

Reflection 47

Who is good, and what is good, depends on the person, culture and society. There is no clear consensus, just different people with their own opinions and cultural norms.

The high pay of some charity workers and public sector employees has blurred the picture between working for good or money, and even if some people have an interest in helping a cause, it doesn’t mean they are necessarily nice people in the rest of their lives.

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X Files New Series Due January 2016

Over a year after the XaW Files parody started, and twenty years after the last X Files series, the scripts have been written for a new series of six shows scheduled for next January. The XaW Files ramble should be finished by then…?

X Files new series Den of Geek article via MSN Entertainment link.

Snippet: ‘David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are both returning for The X-Files event series next year. Mitch Pileggi, who played their boss Walter Skinner, is reprising his role too. All going to plan, the first new episode will premiere on Sunday the 24th of January 2016 on Fox.’

X Files Parody Dream Flight from Ukraine to Poland

With Chapter 3s 24 episodes running out, and only 2 of the planned 5 countries visited, today’s latest episode to be serialised of an X Files parody that follows its chapters and episodes format, brings to an end a trilogy of episodes written consecutively, but broken down into three as they were each long enough to be an episode.

Epic Poem Introduction

Greetings greenYgreyliens, it’s Harry Silhouetteof-Wolfhowlingonhill, inspired by Harry Hill, and new fiction writing correspondent at the greenYgrey. I’ve taken on the new role because G.G. Howling has left for the XaW Files world. In an unexplained coincidence worthy of an X Files parody, she set off for Porto, as if knowing that her inspiration J.K. Rowling had started her Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone career-creating book there.

Today’s epic poem of an epic trilogy in an epic fantasy ramble around all of Eurasia using mostly Google Maps and Wikipedia to guide the way, starts off with the travel questers arriving in Poland, then travels back in time to find out how they arrived there through telling by Jack Kerouac inspired Jack Wolfpac, and Love the mixed-up vole.

For new or rusty readers, I think it continues the first trilogy of fantasy travel by maps’ combination of deep thought, flexible poetic storytelling, creative comedy wordplay, travel experience and some nice images in line with our greenYgrey theme.

Chapter 3 Episode 21 (Buckcrunch 3)

Lake Hole to Pole Break

I am where I want to be
flying out of the sea
in the arms of Love
like ball in glove

landing down in Gdansk
among shipyards thanks
waiting on the ground
companion Jack found
we hugged one another
under PGE Letnica.

I have been everywhere
wanted to go here-there
but last I remembered
I was in Kiev lakeside bed
dreaming strange thoughts
thinking up poetry shorts
I asked over toast
north Poland coast
a mug of coffee
in port called Nowy

Nicest is Nicer than Nice

How did I get to be here
thank you Love and Sir
Jack said they were sleeping
when he awoke to weeping
something seemed to be saying
as if greenYgreying:
‘Nice is not nearly enough
Nicer is just about enough
Nicest is exactly enough
to match number of enough letters.’

So he woke Love and they walked
to where the Dneiper lakeside talked
enough about nice things
where letter formation sings…

‘Come in for a swim
dive in on a whim
the greenYgrey is already in
enjoying itself with a grin
already in its second lake
admittedly after taking a break.’

Love Story Leaving Ukraine

‘So we dove in morning glory,’
said Love continuing the story,
‘both splashing into the icy blue,
following you from lake one to two.
Jack saw you on the lake bed
looking poorly it must be said
all the colour gone from your fur
just a shape little more than a blur
Jack suggested warmer water
so to the next open sea we brought ya.’

‘Back over Belarus we flew,’
said Jack starting the tale anew
stanza to finish the tale
fitting finale for him to regale,
‘ironically following the direction
of the terrible Chernobyl radiation
over Pinsk and Bialystok
as the crow flies cuckoo clock
above Olsztyn we did see the sea
dipping down Dabki to warm your memory.’

Previous Book in the Trilogy

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Student and Manager Snobbery in University and the Workplace

As an addition to the last blog, I would just like to add that as well as seeing bullying and grooming in university and the workplace, I have also seen different kinds of snobbery… which is a part of the bullying and grooming in the workplace as well.

This isn’t about nationality, ethnicity or gender, with all culpable. In fact, none of the main guilty parties I can think of are born and bred in the city I live in.

Snobbery Born of Ignorance


At university, the snobbery was mostly the upper classes thinking they are inherently superior to the lower classes. While most upper class students are bright and inteIligent, there are many working-class people who could do just as well if given the same opportunities.

I thought this showed their ignorance, either naïve or chosen ignorance, of their privileged upbringings, and how Britain has become more class-orientated and class-divided in the last twenty years than it was before.


That was one of the reasons I became disillusioned with university, along with the behaviour of some tutors, and I bigged up the workers of my day-job when I returned there. When Endemol asked for television programme ideas, I even sent them one suggesting a programme with ordinary job people competing to find the best. I never heard back from them about it, but a similar programme did later surface.

However, a few years down the line, I have become just as disillusioned with some of my working-class day-job managers as I was with the university tutors. Not only do they bully and groom like them, but they are also as snobby.

No matter how many times I say that it is just a day-job to finance my writing, they have to make out that they are superior to me because they are in a higher position in the company!

As upper-class students either do not think, or choose not to accept, their class advantage, the day-job duty managers either cannot think, or choose not to accept, work experience and desire.

Some of them have been managers for over a decade, and work all the hours they can in a role they live around, doing a job that largely remains the same, and then they think they’re superior if they know more than a low-level worker who has no interest in the job beyond making a few quid to fund his primary interest!

Grooming Culture and Tactics at Work Same as University

I think that one of reasons more wasn’t done to stop the child exploitation abuse grooming cases in Britain was that there is a grooming culture in most British institutions, with tutors and managers using their power and position to groom underlings, according to my experience in university and my day-job.

Bully the Boys, Groom the Girls

I was witness to this as a student and low-level worker, and also a victim of it, as one of the tricks the Head of Departments and some Managers impress the girls with is bullying the male low-level workers. If the low-level worker isn’t being a problem, they  make him out to be a problem, so they can appear as the all-powerful leader that seems to impress many women.

This was seen in last year’s rise to sex stardom of Russell Brand and Jihad John.

While Brand’s fans might think him the dandy rebel, he is in fact a rich robber baron, manufacturing consent (I could use a rude female genital word with sense there, but this is a family blog) with a few Chomsky quotes that any first year politics student knows, while sadistically bullying those with less power and influence, such as the father of one of his victims, Andrew Sachs, and the unpopular at the time chancellor of the exchequer George Osbourne.

Women bosses can be just as sadist, and Anne Robinson implied on the Weakest Link that the ones who usually gain power are those who sleep with the boss, or those who give up their morals, compassion and integrity, and sign up for the traditionally male behaviour role of being clinically cutthroat.

Hopefully times are changing now, but they still seem the same from my recent experience.

A Million Fascist Bosses Instead of One

Most people wonder why the world is the way it is, but as soon as they get a little power a lot act the same way, so the downward spiral continues.

While they may support workers’ rights in their workplace, they support a sadistic boss putting them before the workers when they are a consumer.

The mass psyche is often shown on social media, which seems like a Pandora’s Box for sadistic bullies.

The rise of Islam and fall of the unions in Britain seems a double whammy for a socialist utopia in the U.K.!

Mirror Poem Reflection 46

All the above is an introduction to Reflection 46 of 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections, which is much cheaper, original and more revolutionary than Brand’s revolting book; supporting women without trying to use it to groom them.

This reflection mirrored Simplicate, Implicate, Complicate, which has revolutionary wordplay dating from March, 2011.

Happiness is Elusive

The masses can be asses,
and I am one I think,
but you just gotta love ’em,
cos most search for happiness,
which isn’t always easy to find,
I’ve always found,
in fact it’s often seemed
buried six feet underground.

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X Files Parody Writing Mind Journey Thinks Weird Happenings

The XaW Files parody follows the X Files series structure, so there are 9 chapters as there were 9 series of the X Files. It also follows the episodes structure, and there were 24 episodes in Series 3. So with only a few episodes to go, and a couple more countries to visit, the greenYgrey… continues contemplating…

Chapter 3 Episode 20: Buckcrunch 2

I surface wondering
if I have swum very far
before wondering where I are
a whole different
song to be sung
I’m swimming
in open water now
a whole different lake-game…

Seagulls Duelling at Dawn

I rested on the surface and thought.

I wondered if I was suffering from the writing equivalent of nitrogen narcosis, or its more poetic name: raptures of the deep; or as it’s known in the greenYgrey world, nitrogenYnarcosis.

The creation of a genY in the middle reminded me of a non-classic episode in Grey’s classic fantasy travel ramble across all parts of Australia Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps, when a curry genie was summoned in the small outback town called Karijini.

NitrogenYnarcosis made me think of the night and daY of the last episode, and how I’d realised there was a Y in daY, and not in night. Now, for the first time, I saw a g in the middle of night, and remembered that was my most important letter until Y rose to prominence… in the middle of my name.

I heard Neil Young’s Greatest Hits start again, after starting to write again soundless, without doing it myself, like things turn themselves on in the X Files and such mysteries, although it could be a YouTube pause time limit I don’t know about?

It inspired me to remember The Shining’s redrum, redrum (murder backwards) script… Nightynight already existed before, dayday, day and night, night and day, daynight, nightyday, Nightynight, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite… bite… bite… Nightynight… that’s all right, don’t worry about Love’s sight…

Here I am trying to disprove the supernatural and then possibly strange things happen. At least, I write it happened. You don’t even know if anything happened at all; only those who know YouTube has a pause limit, if it does, will believe it happened, and they might criticise my YouTube ignorance, if precise and/or kind, or my general ignorance if judgemental and/or cruel. And Negatives with the same level of YouTube ignorance will either call me supernatural or scoundrel!


I turned in on myself, thinking I could no longer stay on the surface. I dove once more into the water, deeper and deeper, to escape what is above, to look for what is below, well below the surface.

Not to stop writing, or even thinking, but to try and enter another reality… or as it’s called in this book, another episode.


Narcosis while diving (also known as nitrogen narcosis, inert gas narcosis, raptures of the deep, Martini effect), is a reversible alteration in consciousness that occurs while diving at depth. It is caused by the anesthetic effect of certain gases at high pressure.

Werewolf of Oz chapter 22: https://australiatraveller.wordpress.com/?s=karijini

The Previous Book in the Trilogy

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Mystery of Life and Death has only Local Educated Guesses

Reflection 45 of 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections reflected For God’s Sake, which was described on fmpoetry.wordpress.com in March, 2011 as particularly referring ‘to those who try to win favours from god with acts of war.’

Since then, I.S. sadistic cruelties straight out of Medieval depictions of hell has highlighted the obscene oxymoron that is ‘religious war’: for a loving god anyway!

Reflection 45

Mystery Tour

Birth is unremembered
Life is uncertain
Death is unknown.
Together they are one
big mystery tour.

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