Winter Returns UK rain for Ukraine X Files Parody Episode

Seasons have no sense, for they were invented by us.
We have no reason, grasping at what it may all mean.
Some hide from modernity, preferring to live a fantasy…

Chapter 3 Episode 17

I had to return here from 6:11, three months ahead, a long snake to fall down using a board game analogy.  The future was spring, and the sun was shining when I left. It seemed a totally different world, but it still had most of the holistic problems, and some were worse than ever. Those problems were beyond my control or influence, and I was finding it difficult to even sort out my own journey, which meant remembering what I meant when I travelled here about 100 days ago. And if I have trouble knowing what I meant, what chance have you got, reading this third hand, from the XaW Files world through the greenYgrey and into the human! Hopefully it’s clearer now…

Clear Thinking

People would think me strange if they knew, which will not be good for my mind, but they are not controlling my seesaw so much now anyway, so it’s okay, but I just wanted to write that my mind feels freer and more balanced now.

Now that I’m alone, at peace with my mind, with most of the negative weight removed, rising my mind up at least level, and sometimes even into the sky… lifted by the release of my thoughts into words, creating more space for other thoughts to run freely, exchange high fives and jump for joy.

Negatives are scared of what you’ll think, but sometimes you agree with them anyway: so they stop you talking in agreement with them! Not that it really matters to them anyway, as they only care about their own life and thoughts, and are often so high and mighty or narrow minded that they don’t even realise you’re agreeing with them. Whereas somebody they aesthetically approve of can be opposed to them, or doing bad by them, but it’s okay with them, because they like the way they look or sound.

Novgorod in Land of Nod

That night I dreamt
what a painting meant
Oleg of Novgorod
by Victor Vasnetsov.
It concerned Veliky Novgorod
which we’d flown over
from Moscow to Saint Petersburg
rather than Nizhny Novgorod
our last stop before Moscow
where I’d fallen loudly into Gorky’s sub-conscious

and read in his mind that: ‘You must first find out if you are a character or plot driven story. Sometimes there is no beginning, middle or end. You should know that, for your first fantasy travel across North America was character driven, while your second one over all the regions of Oz had a plot.’

Not only did I not have a plot, but I was lagging behind in my planned X Files structured ramble. It wasn’t completely my fault though, as I was doing the right amount of work, but the greenYgrey world was focusing on blogging too much, and I was finding too much greenYgrey On The Road!


Novgorod-Gorky link in Chapter-Episode 1-19.

Oleg of Novgorod paintings by Viktor Vasnetsov, and Oleg’s reputed burial mound from Wikipedia:

Oleg of Novgorod.jpg

More Viktor Vasnetsov paintings from Wikipedia:

The Flying Carpet

The Bogatyrs

A revenue stamp of Russia, 1914:


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