War Remembrance Poem Reflection on Ancient and Modern Conflict

Reflection 42 of 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections mirrored Remembrance Day poem. The women referred to in the poem are those who supported the Taliban, not all women, before others mistakenly think it is about them.

Jihad John Groupies are Sadists Too

I thought they were putting religion before gender at the time, but having since seen Jihad John gain a groupie following I can now see that some prefer powerful male sadists to female heroine victims like Malala Yousafzai.

While I think it is strange, maybe they think it is strange when a man supports women who want equality for their gender?

They make me think it is strange too, but there are plenty of good women who deserve their equality.

Jihad Videos are Sadist Porn not Holy War

In fact, it was the Islamist penchant for sadistic porn videos that most put me of idolising the historic male warrior, from those like the Samurai and Maoris in the east to the Plains Indians and Incas in the west, via Mongols and Zulus in the middle. Not that I wouldn’t go to war now if needed.

The Jihadis revelled in showing the ultimate and real horror of sadistic pornographic warfare, and most cowardly misguided depravity of mankind.

It’s ironic that the disgusting videos have also proved a great recruiting tool for ‘nice women’!

Reflection 42

Afghanistan seemed a worthy war
fighting for freedom once more
but it was difficult to support in Britain
with women supporting their own oppression.

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