greenYgreying is a New Art Form of Readymades

Yesterday’s blog started out as an example of a kind of readymade, an art form I recently found on Wikipedia after first researching Slovenia after a XaW File from that country arrived.

Clarifying our ‘Feminism’

Not long after declaring that battery-cage mother-hens were not our target audience, but that they are most welcome, as long as they are positive, and that it is not necessarily a bad thing, or way to live, with some very nice and wholesome, but some annoyingly hypocritical I read on Wikipedia that an old 1940s magazine called VVV , which looks kind of werewolfie, had ‘a “readymade” by Duchamp as the back cover which was a cutout female figure within chicken-wire.’

Our ‘feminism’ is to free women from captivity or discrimination for themselves, in line with socialism, not to give them privileged status or make them more available.

Women should have the same rights as men, no more or less.

This website might feature some women more than others, in line with ethics, culture, interests and tastes. Other websites and publications do the same with women and men.

Readymades Conceptual Art

An article on Wikipedia describes Marcel Duchamp’s century-old art form:

“Readymades” were found objects which Duchamp chose and presented as art. In 1913, Duchamp installed a Bicycle Wheel in his studio. However, the idea of Readymades did not fully develop until 1915. The idea was to question the very notion of Art, and the adoration of art, which Duchamp found “unnecessary”. Duchamp said: ‘My idea was to choose an object that wouldn’t attract me, either by its beauty or by its ugliness. To find a point of indifference in my looking at it, you see.’

Example of a Duchamp readymade:

greenYgreyism and Yellowism

It seems to have inspired the Yellowist art movement of a few years ago, although I don’t know if the Yellowists reference them, and us previously and indirectly, with our greenygrey/greenYgrey project on a much grander scale (although the S9 video is better than anything we’ve done, and perfect to our artistic tastes !), using everything visible either side of the horizon.

readymade also has a certain greenygrey ring to it too! The XaW Files is turning into a journey of discovery for us, like coming home to a world we didn’t know, or a mythical land and psyche we knew only a little about.

Tonight on Google+, there were three quick and great examples of readymade greenygreys, now known as greenYgreys of course, and I thought I’d share them here as examples:

greenYgreying is an art form social media craze all life can join in with:

Nature can greenYgrey on its own, and here we have a great example of green, grey and yellow weaving within each other as nicely as our letters:

Sometimes, greenYgrey colours are combined with positive sentiments:


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