Grand National Heroes Help Horses

While retiring jockey A.P. McCoy is the main human interest in today’s Grand National, and the jockeys are all brave and talented sportspeople, the horses will be the biggest heroes, and any that don’t survive the tough race may particularly increase spectator and viewer interest in horse welfare.

Horse Welfare Remembering Battlefront

Unfortunately, one horse has already died this week at the Aintree meeting, with Battlefront dying heroically after falling at the last hurdle. Ironically, it was in the Fox Hunters’ Chase.

While the greenYgrey supports animal and human racing with the best safety and conditions possible, with Marc Latham taking part in endurance events that unfortunately have risks, we don’t support blood sports, and especially if they can contain a certain amount of sadism.

While most who ride hunting horses probably do it for the thrill of riding and the social occasion, there are those who have been seen to take pleasure from the horrible death of animals, and those animals often have the same intelligence and sensitivities as a small child.

Enjoy the Grand National

Thousands of horses are unfortunately killed for meat every year, and as recent secret slaughterhouse video footage of other animals in the U.K. has shown, they are often not killed in the humane way they should be.

Many horses are also still used in war situations around the world, and cruel work conditions.

So for horses to have been treated like stars and risk dying while racing does not seem so bad in comparison.

While we hope no horses die today, if any do, maybe they’ll make spectators and viewers think about horse and animal welfare, and like the War Horse film, keep horses as one of the most popular animals in Britain and the world.

Horse Riding Around the World

Just by chance, as far as we know, there was a great greenYgrey photo of horse riding in a MSN article about more leisurely horse-riding around the world today.

In line with self-parody thinking, this photo not only contains the classic ingredients of green and grey on the floor, and yellow in the sky, but also contains grey in the sky too:

greenygrey horse riding


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