X Files Parody Poems from Kiev, Ukraine

Here’s the next episode of our X Files parody, XaW Files, which sees our travel questers still in Ukraine, but now on the edge of Kiev. It was written back in cold winter, which seems a long time ago now, with spring warming Blighty. The poetry is partly introspective and partly plays on famous Kiev cuisine and boxers, and the world champion Klitschko brothers led by Wladimir to be precise.

XaW Files Chapter 3 Episode 14

Taste of toothpaste
snowball of Love
crows cold outside
window of opportunity
seeing stars sparkle
curtains for you
to draw time
the day over
night just begun
half battery left
episode to write
poem a start
writing prose next
above all new
ideas for rest
revolving around chickens
a major boxer
remembering Russia link
arriving in Kiev:

Playing for Time

Sitting on the edge
of my mind in Kiev
at about five
writing this
as if playing for time
waiting for the battery
to run down
like the clock
for a boxer
ahead on points
in the later stages
of a fight
but I’m only
about four rounds
into a twelve-rounder
and I’m not really ahead yet
I haven’t done the groundwork
or even kept to the plan
just been jabbing and swinging
hoping for the best
but I’m still in there
Sitting in my mind
on the edge of Kiev.

That night I made it to the end of the battery, and over to the next page, which is the minimum finishing line for an episode in this book; okay, admittedly, this episode does have short lines. In fact, I wrote quite a lot more… so much in fact, that I made it into most of the next episode, before ending this chapter with this paragraph the next morning, extending the post a little farther into the next page.

When I write these Files up I have the same mental attitude as when exercising. I am the only one who critiques them, so I only have to consider myself as a judge, although of course I want to please you readers too, as I always hoped the next episode in a series I followed would be a good one.

So, please return (if reading the blog) or read on (in the eventual book) to find out what I wrote next the night before.


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