Greening Britain’s Gardens and Photos from Air

The Royal Horticultural Society have launched a campaign this Easter weekend ‘calling on gardeners to get Greening Grey Britain’, as stated on their website. Meanwhile, there were many nice scenes of the Earth from the air on MSN News recently, and several were greenYgrey.

Royal Horticultural Society Green Britain Campaign

The RHS ‘call to turn grey to green through plants for health, happiness and well-being… Greening Grey Britain activities to take place across RHS work, including RHS Britain in Bloom to change 6,000 grey spaces into thriving, living green places by end 2017’ is close to our name and mission statement, but we didn’t have any input, and don’t know if the RHS have even heard of us.

The RHS have expert knowledge and experience in this area, while we are just general advocates. While we have been plugging away in our own little world for years, the RHS can hopefully make a real difference to create more green spaces. Whether this website had any influence doesn’t really matter, as long as the campaign is successful.

Britain’s Parklife

All of Britain’s public spaces are a garden to us, and most of Britain is still green. What it lacks compared to many European countries we’ve heard about on our XaW Files journey is trees, with many European nations still 40/50% forested, while Britain is 10/20%.

That would make Britain less green in winter, but we’d be willing to sacrifice that for the extra life and healthy air it would create.

And that’s one of the reasons why this website supports controlled immigration and forestry regulation. It would be nice to live in a totally free access country and world, but the reality is that a lot more forests would be cut down if that was the case.

National parks often have a visitor numbers limit to protect the natural world within, and in my ideal world Britain would be treated as one big national park, with wildlife habitats and numbers properly maintained in line with scientific advice about what should and could be living in a healthy natural Britain.

Photos from the Air

I don’t think large areas of Britain can aim to become the Amazon or Masai Mara, but the national parks of Europe and North America look possible.

Anyway, we’ve travelled a long way from the RHS campaign, and here’s a nice greenYgrey photos from the air, with plenty more old-fashioned greenygrey ones on MSN.

greenygrey amazon scene

The ubiquity of greenygrey photos and relative lack of greenYgrey ones in the MSN article shows the importance of the sun to our rebranding, and it’s not in these photos from the air. As the photo above shows, leaves can provide the yellow on Earth.

Plants can also provide yellow, as seen in the photo below, but it is a rather sad one of uprooted trees.

Uprooted trees are pictured after a tornado hit Vilonia, Arkansas


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