British General Election Politics Poetry Mirror Reflection

There was a party leaders debate last night in the U.K. before the May 7th General Election. I didn’t watch it, because I thought it would just be a few soundbites and spin. I watched the analysis afterwards, and apparently Nigel Farage of UKIP looked the best because he didn’t look manufactured in the political class system.

Labour and Conservatives

I was a lifelong Labour supporter until New Labour neglected its traditional supporters by crushing them between investment bankers and new immigrants. I have nothing in particular against bankers or immigrants, and respect those who are trying to make a better living for themselves in a fair manner. Unfortunately, there are some who only care for themselves, and are willing to screw Britain over to get what they want for themselves.

I think the present Conservatives-Liberals coalition government has done a good job in rescuing the economy and country after New Labour seemed to spend all the money. This site was built out of some of that money, so it wasn’t all wasted!

However, the Conservatives under Thatcher (and it’s not because she was a woman, with the women apparently doing well last night on the debate) did start the war against the working-class carried on by New Labour, with the miners’ strike particularly punishing.

UKIP and Greens

Disillusionment with the two main parties from the past, (although I think Cameron has done a reasonable job, and Labour have changed their leader and say they’ve learnt from the past, with Miliband apologising for New Labour’s mistakes, which is a lead to the mirror poem reflection main reason for this blog post) points towards either UKIP or the Greens.

I like some policies of both, and don’t like some policies of both, probably leaving me back in Labour territory if I trusted them not to return to the New Labour years!

The main problems I have with UKIP and the Green Party is to do with the issues outlined in my Earth Hour blog.

UKIP’s idea of Britain seems to be to build everywhere, and hunt everything, depriving Britain of some of what are and could be its best assets: its countryside and wildlife.

Ironically, the Green Party have an open doors immigration policy. The party seems to have a ‘be nice and hope for the best’ attitude, but there’s a thin line (like the central Y of greenYgrey) between nice and dim, reminiscent of the ‘Tim dim but nice’ Harry Enfield character.

Surely controls on immigration will benefit the environment. Millions more people will undoubtedly use up more energy, land and consume more; straining natural resources as they are straining social services.

Moreover, yesterday’s debate was on the same day as Al-Shabab Islamic militants murdered 147 Christian students in Kenya, after crossing a long porous border. This year has also seen Islamist incidents across northern Europe (France, Belgium and Denmark in particular), and ISIS beheading Egyptian Coptic Christians in Libya facing the Mediterranean, while threatening to invade!

And the social services are still trying to control a mainly Islamic child-grooming-abuse epidemic that should be a main talking issue, rather than hushed up and brushed under the carpet.

So Greens, is this really a good time to open up our borders? I know and you know that you and UKIP are single issue parties punching above your weight, and you’re not going to win the election, but having dim policies stops me supporting you.

Britain Should be a Reservoir not Stormy Seas

If most of the non-EU immigrants were Christian it might be something, but most are Muslims fleeing wars in Islamic countries. Most are families, and will probably just want to settle and live a peaceful life. Many have risked their lives travelling to Europe, and as a world-traveller I relate to their dilemma. The pictures of children holding toys are particularly poignant and heart-wrenching.

When I see those images I hope that they all find what they want, even if it’s filling up our already overpopulated continent.

But then when I hear about Britain’s nice, lonely, unloved and vulnerable children (who might have been weakened by the political class’s multicultural brainwashing and anti-racism obsession: I don’t like racism, but I think physical rape is worse than spoken racism) being groomed by promises of love and hope for a better future on an industrial scale by either new or second generation immigrants it makes me think we need stronger border controls rather than none at all.

Disclaimer: I don’t have any children, many material possessions, and despite becoming a doctor am still probably thought of as scum by many in the British upper classes, so I don’t write the above out of any big personal or national reasons: are our upper classes much better than the Islamic? Just a little I think. But most Muslims want to live nice peaceful lives.

Political Inspiration Mirror Poem Reflection

Anyway, here’s the mirror poem reflection, which mirrored Basket Case, which I think was the last of the 121 Folding Mirror poems in the book to be written.

It’s why I prefer Cameron to Thatcher, and not because of their genders. My favourite politician of the moment is a Conservative woman, and it’s not because her surname rhymes with greenYgrey!

Reflection 41:

Is not saying sorry
when you feel it
showing strength,
or spinning
against oneself.

Smashwords cover


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