Winter Returns UK rain for Ukraine X Files Parody Episode

Seasons have no sense, for they were invented by us.
We have no reason, grasping at what it may all mean.
Some hide from modernity, preferring to live a fantasy…

Chapter 3 Episode 17

I had to return here from 6:11, three months ahead, a long snake to fall down using a board game analogy.  The future was spring, and the sun was shining when I left. It seemed a totally different world, but it still had most of the holistic problems, and some were worse than ever. Those problems were beyond my control or influence, and I was finding it difficult to even sort out my own journey, which meant remembering what I meant when I travelled here about 100 days ago. And if I have trouble knowing what I meant, what chance have you got, reading this third hand, from the XaW Files world through the greenYgrey and into the human! Hopefully it’s clearer now…

Clear Thinking

People would think me strange if they knew, which will not be good for my mind, but they are not controlling my seesaw so much now anyway, so it’s okay, but I just wanted to write that my mind feels freer and more balanced now.

Now that I’m alone, at peace with my mind, with most of the negative weight removed, rising my mind up at least level, and sometimes even into the sky… lifted by the release of my thoughts into words, creating more space for other thoughts to run freely, exchange high fives and jump for joy.

Negatives are scared of what you’ll think, but sometimes you agree with them anyway: so they stop you talking in agreement with them! Not that it really matters to them anyway, as they only care about their own life and thoughts, and are often so high and mighty or narrow minded that they don’t even realise you’re agreeing with them. Whereas somebody they aesthetically approve of can be opposed to them, or doing bad by them, but it’s okay with them, because they like the way they look or sound.

Novgorod in Land of Nod

That night I dreamt
what a painting meant
Oleg of Novgorod
by Victor Vasnetsov.
It concerned Veliky Novgorod
which we’d flown over
from Moscow to Saint Petersburg
rather than Nizhny Novgorod
our last stop before Moscow
where I’d fallen loudly into Gorky’s sub-conscious

and read in his mind that: ‘You must first find out if you are a character or plot driven story. Sometimes there is no beginning, middle or end. You should know that, for your first fantasy travel across North America was character driven, while your second one over all the regions of Oz had a plot.’

Not only did I not have a plot, but I was lagging behind in my planned X Files structured ramble. It wasn’t completely my fault though, as I was doing the right amount of work, but the greenYgrey world was focusing on blogging too much, and I was finding too much greenYgrey On The Road!


Novgorod-Gorky link in Chapter-Episode 1-19.

Oleg of Novgorod paintings by Viktor Vasnetsov, and Oleg’s reputed burial mound from Wikipedia:

Oleg of Novgorod.jpg

More Viktor Vasnetsov paintings from Wikipedia:

The Flying Carpet

The Bogatyrs

A revenue stamp of Russia, 1914:

War Remembrance Poem Reflection on Ancient and Modern Conflict

Reflection 42 of 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections mirrored Remembrance Day poem. The women referred to in the poem are those who supported the Taliban, not all women, before others mistakenly think it is about them.

Jihad John Groupies are Sadists Too

I thought they were putting religion before gender at the time, but having since seen Jihad John gain a groupie following I can now see that some prefer powerful male sadists to female heroine victims like Malala Yousafzai.

While I think it is strange, maybe they think it is strange when a man supports women who want equality for their gender?

They make me think it is strange too, but there are plenty of good women who deserve their equality.

Jihad Videos are Sadist Porn not Holy War

In fact, it was the Islamist penchant for sadistic porn videos that most put me of idolising the historic male warrior, from those like the Samurai and Maoris in the east to the Plains Indians and Incas in the west, via Mongols and Zulus in the middle. Not that I wouldn’t go to war now if needed.

The Jihadis revelled in showing the ultimate and real horror of sadistic pornographic warfare, and most cowardly misguided depravity of mankind.

It’s ironic that the disgusting videos have also proved a great recruiting tool for ‘nice women’!

Reflection 42

Afghanistan seemed a worthy war
fighting for freedom once more
but it was difficult to support in Britain
with women supporting their own oppression.

Smashwords cover

Ukraine Fantasy Travel Philosophy Parody Comedy

The next episode of the XaW Files to be serialised dates from mid-January, and mixes a little philosophy, comedy and greenYgrey self-analysis literary nonsense.

Hi, it’s G.G. Howling, fiction writing correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by Harry Potter wizard writer J.K. Rowling.

Blogging, Sharing, Writing, Editing and Selling

Sorry if the posts are getting a little less often, but with a lot of my fantasy colleagues having entered the XaW Files parody comedy world, and trying to complete that story taking precedence, we’ve got less time to post.

With limited time to write, posting blogs takes up time that could be spent writing the next episodes, but it does inspire us to edit them more, with the benefit of time spent in absentia, so it’s not all for your benefit… greenYgrey style… not to mention trying to sell our previous books at the end of the post!

XaW Files Chapter 3 Episode 16

It Is Just, It Just Is.

I awoke with the above words in my head, as if receiving a message from somewhere, perhaps even from the greenYgrey world.

A Deeper Form of Love

I asked Love the mixed-up Vole about it when it arose. Love said it sounded like French existentialism to it, but it didn’t know for sure. Love suggested we go to the Vernadsky National Library to check it out.

Love seemed to be delving deeper in thought since losing its sight. Plato said the highest form of love is wisdom, so they kind of connected in my thinking in a greenYgrey kind of way, so I took Love’s advice.

Visiting the Library

After arriving at the library we must have looked a little lost looking for the French literature section, because a gentleman kindly asked if he could help.

I told him about our journey, and that day’s thoughts and search.

He introduced himself as Volodymyr Popyk, the library’s director.

I thought how interesting, in a totally introspective greenYgrey way: his first name nearly has the same form as greenygrey, except there are only nine letters to my ten, with one letter less after the first y than in mine, and the second y in his name is the second letter after the first y, rather than the fourth like in mine; of course, it couldn’t be the fourth letter after the second y anyway, because there are only three letters in total after the first y in Volodymyr.

Strangely enough, but perhaps not as strange as most X Files episodes, there is a third letter y in the fourth position of his Popyk surname.

The Art of Adaptation

Volodymyr said they didn’t have a big French literature section, but he could show us around the Ukraine and Kiev history sections if we liked.

I said, ‘Well, when in Ukraine’; thinking about that old When in Rome chestnut; ‘it would certainly seem more relevant to learn something about the country we are in, rather than one we are not.’

‘That’s great,’ Volodymyr said, ‘and looking at your colours, I think I have something you’ll be very interested in.’

Three Elements of Ukraine History

Volodymyr took us to a map of Ukraine during the Kingdom of Galicia–Volhynia or Kingdom of Halych-Volynia, which peaked in the 13th century.

I could see what he meant without him saying another word, because the western half of the map was green and grey, while the east was occupied by the ‘Golden Horde’, creating a great greenYgrey image.

Volodymyr took the time to give us a detailed description of Ukraine at that time, and although I didn’t have the knowledge to know if he was entirely accurate, it certainly sounded authoritative, and I would go so far as to say… entertaining.

Although the map was my colours, the Orange Revolution of 2004 section Volodymyr took us to next seemed even more significant to me than the map; and I felt a similar surge of interest while being shown a Femen exhibition.

Morning first day of Orange Revolution.jpg

Did the Orange Revolution and Femen demonstrations achieve anything? I cannot answer those questions from the interesting information supplied by Volodymyr Popyk before he popped off to do something else, because I’m not a Ukrainian resident, and don’t even know if the greenYgreyvolution really exists!


The greenYgrey’s evolutionary theme, rather than revolution, was inspired by the eastern European colour revolutions in the mid-2000s.

Volodymyr Popov is the director of the Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine. (

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

greenYgreying is a New Art Form of Readymades

Yesterday’s blog started out as an example of a kind of readymade, an art form I recently found on Wikipedia after first researching Slovenia after a XaW File from that country arrived.

Clarifying our ‘Feminism’

Not long after declaring that battery-cage mother-hens were not our target audience, but that they are most welcome, as long as they are positive, and that it is not necessarily a bad thing, or way to live, with some very nice and wholesome, but some annoyingly hypocritical I read on Wikipedia that an old 1940s magazine called VVV , which looks kind of werewolfie, had ‘a “readymade” by Duchamp as the back cover which was a cutout female figure within chicken-wire.’

Our ‘feminism’ is to free women from captivity or discrimination for themselves, in line with socialism, not to give them privileged status or make them more available.

Women should have the same rights as men, no more or less.

This website might feature some women more than others, in line with ethics, culture, interests and tastes. Other websites and publications do the same with women and men.

Readymades Conceptual Art

An article on Wikipedia describes Marcel Duchamp’s century-old art form:

“Readymades” were found objects which Duchamp chose and presented as art. In 1913, Duchamp installed a Bicycle Wheel in his studio. However, the idea of Readymades did not fully develop until 1915. The idea was to question the very notion of Art, and the adoration of art, which Duchamp found “unnecessary”. Duchamp said: ‘My idea was to choose an object that wouldn’t attract me, either by its beauty or by its ugliness. To find a point of indifference in my looking at it, you see.’

Example of a Duchamp readymade:

greenYgreyism and Yellowism

It seems to have inspired the Yellowist art movement of a few years ago, although I don’t know if the Yellowists reference them, and us previously and indirectly, with our greenygrey/greenYgrey project on a much grander scale (although the S9 video is better than anything we’ve done, and perfect to our artistic tastes !), using everything visible either side of the horizon.

readymade also has a certain greenygrey ring to it too! The XaW Files is turning into a journey of discovery for us, like coming home to a world we didn’t know, or a mythical land and psyche we knew only a little about.

Tonight on Google+, there were three quick and great examples of readymade greenygreys, now known as greenYgreys of course, and I thought I’d share them here as examples:

greenYgreying is an art form social media craze all life can join in with:

Nature can greenYgrey on its own, and here we have a great example of green, grey and yellow weaving within each other as nicely as our letters:

Sometimes, greenYgrey colours are combined with positive sentiments:

On The Road Fantasy Ukraine Winter Poetry Wordplay Comedy

Winter seems a long time ago now, as we approach the middle of spring in the northern hemisphere, and the XaW Files world does too. So I thought we’d get closer to our travel questers with the next episode of our X Files parody to be serialised.

X Files Parody Comedy Episode

Hi, it’s G.G. Howling, satirical fantasy fiction correspondent inspired by Harry Potter wizard writer J.K. Rowling.

I think this is quite an epic episode too, mixing winter poetry with new versions of classic jokes inspired by this episode taking place on the edge of Kiev.

Chapter 3 Episode 15

Before I decided to split last night’s writing in two, after editing it in the morning, there was a beautiful clear sunrise, then the clouds thickened and I saw my first snow falling of this winter, and then it cleared again to blue skies and yellow sunshine, just like the colours of the Ukrainian flag. The morning weather inspired this poem:

Perfect Winter Morning

Flakes decorate dead bodies
salt shaken on slab
meat to the bone
warm character shorn
where once sunrise
had provided brightness
fried egg on the edge
cooked and served
just in time
ready for eyes
to eat up
before the main
serving first snow
this winter episode.

Heavyweight Mayor

‘It is vital I get across the street,’ said a chicken trying to cross the road.

‘I’d love to help you,’ said Love, ‘but I recently became blind, so it might be dangerous, although I sense you are a brave chicken, and not at all in line with the scared-chicken stereotype.’

‘That’s okay, chuck,’ said the chicken,
‘I wouldn’t want any glitches on the go,
because my name’s Klitschko…’
‘…I’m the mayor of Kiev following my long reign as the heavyweight boxing champion of the world. The end of my surname could be short for chicken, at least if I was living in a Spanish speaking country, where they’d call me Chico… maybe even Chico the KO, in line with knock-outs in boxing…
… I guess that by now most of you are wondering what my first name is, or even if I have one, or maybe that I’m ashamed of it, but those who know boxing might have noticed I’ve already used my Vitali first name in the first line of my appearance.’

Jack congratulated Vitali on his dialogue, and offered to guide him, saying it’d give him an excuse to get back On The Road… to ending this episode. As they walked across the road, Vitali said it reminded him of The Road movie, about a father and son travelling through a post-apocalyptic America.

From that moment on, I guess that’s how the most important chicken in Kiev described its experience to those who asked him: how did the chicken cross The Road with On The Road to end this episode?


The Road is a 2009 post-apocalyptic drama directed by John Hillcoat and written by Joe Penhall. Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning 2006 novel of the same name by American author Cormac McCarthy.

On The Road by Jack Kerouac.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.