X Files Parody Remembers Yellowism from Slovenian Surrealism

Save Us! S9

Hi, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams, sports correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by darts legend Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams, saying farewell

For I received the above videos today from the XaW Files world, where greenYgrey, Love the mixed-up Vole and others who have gone into that comedy parody parallel dimension are currently approaching the end of Chapter 5.

I hope to get there before the last episode of the chapter, as some of my colleagues have done at the end of previous chapters. I’d better be quick, as it could be being written any time now.

Beach Volleyball Pass

I’m going in through the beach volleyball sport, which I think is very underrated, and hope to find the beach where the nine chambers of the second video are shown.

It looks like a heavenly world, like a greenYgrey Garden of Eden, but the creepy music and mysterious captions make me think the nine chambers may be in trouble, and that may mean our intrepid travel questers are too.

greenYgrey and Yellowism Disclaimer

The greenYgrey concept started developing sometime around 2005. It was inspired by reading done in university, such as existentialism and semiotics, as well as taking time to notice the world around, and sought to emphasise the predominance of green and grey in Britain, for no other reason than to highlight them, stripping everything relevant down to its basic constituent colours.

Although green and grey scenes have often been depicted or written about, they had never been declared the majority view before, as far as I know.

So the greenYgrey journey began, but it was the Greenygrey then.

In 2011 the Yellowism art movement emerged, largely doing the same as us as far as I could see, only using yellow.

Reading about Slovenian surrealism, because that is where the XaW Files is now, although our serialisation here is still in Chapter 3, reminded me of Yellowism, so I looked it up again.

I thought Yellowism might have inspired our promotion of the central greenYgrey Y, but a quick look at the Werewolf of Oz shows our Y was already being promoted before we knew about Yellowism, which was after they received international media attention for vandalising a Mark Rothko painting in October 2012.

The Werewolf of Oz was published in March 2012. It featured prominent Yisms in the preface and prologue.

Yellowism did inspire us to yellow ourselves, when we first blogged about Yellowism after the Rothko incident in October 2012!  (Is Yellowism the New Greenygrey? Sun Wolf Howls: Greenygrey media category on the sidebar).


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