WWF Earth Hour Environmentalism Advertising Slogan

While we joked about being an advertising executive a couple of blogs ago, we are qualified for the role, although of course lack the experience and ambition needed, being more anti-consumer than pro, although we are of course greenYgrey moderates in the middle, although a little more greener than grey.

WWF Earth Hour: Were Interests Meet

While some people don’t care about the country or country they live in, or the environment, some people do claim to care about the county or country they live in, but still don’t care about the environment, which is what their county or country essentially is… and a clean environment is good for people’s health, although unfortunately no guarantee.

As tonight is the WWF Earth Hour from 20.30 to 21.30 GMT, we call on all people to forget Russell Brand, and us if you feel about us the way we feel about Russell’s Revolution, and get behind this charity initiative.

While I think our wolf is more handsome, WWF have a lovely panda logo, and pandas are even lovelier than wolves!

Conserving Environments We Care About

As well as signing up on the website available on the above link, we thought up this little advertising/campaigning slogan ditty, to hopefully win over anybody who loves their county or country, but not its environment:

Worth Observing, Worth Conserving, Worth Deserving

We don’t know how original it is, having just thought it up last night, and it can be used by any good causes if they like, or as inspiration for one of your own! Any recognition or promotion of us would also of course be appreciated!!

Enjoy Earth Hour… and up the pandas!!


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