Was Karl Lagerfeld Omission an Unconscious Fur Protest

In a mystery worthy of the XaW Files parody comedy, our description of Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno on March 7th (Stellar Satirical Comedy Paris and Milan Fashion Reports: ‘Stella is off course inspired by Stella McCartney on Stella Artois (not that we think or know that Stella drinks Stella, and we absolutely fabulously love the McCartney family contribution to animal welfare, and think Stella’s done ab fab in the fashion world); Bruno and wolves.’) omitted Karl Lagerfeld from the description.

Karl Lagerfeld Fur Controversy

We were only reminded of Lagerfeld when he was caught up in controversy, after Peta condemned Italian fur-specialist brand Fendi following the announcement of a haute couture fur show, and an Independent article by Linda Sharkey reported that its creative director is Karl Lagerfeld.

Lagerfeld has done some good stuff in the fashion world, so we don’t want to become too embroiled in the debate, although we obviously don’t agree with the use of fur, being the last of a furry fantasy species, and the industry involving a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering for beautiful real animals, but we wonder if our omission was an unconscious protest, X Files style?


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