The Gray Wolves Men Comparison and Poetry in X Files Parody Epic Poem

Having one foot or two paws in the wolf world, depending on our werewolf form, the greenYgrey was disappointed when The Gray movie was made and released. That’s because it seemed to provide a negative sensationalist representation of wolves at a time when they are struggling for survival in North America, although some reintroduction campaigns have brought wolves back into areas where they were extinct, with visible benefits for the environments where the wolves have always naturally belonged.

The Grey Provides Balance

However, I quite enjoyed the movie. Although it does show the wolves in a negative light, that is mirrored by the men, and the message of the movie seems more about how similar humans are to wolves, and especially when exposed to having to survive in the wild.

The movie explores the minds of humans in relation to wolves and the wild, and has travel and poetry within the story, so it has similarities to our fantasy rambles, although it does it in a more consistently serious way.

And if women are feeling left out, well, the main woman that features is the memory of a man; memories of what might have been for a lost soul.

XaW Files Chapter 3 Episode 10

The poetic enlightened melancholy ending inspired me to look it up, finding the directors’ explanation on Yahoo Answers, which led me to look up the original version, which I found to be from Shakespeare’s Henry V, Act III, 1598 on

In a weird X Files way, I think greenYgrey must have seen it before it sent XaW Files Chapter 3 Episode 10, as it also mentions it. I think it might have been inspired by the ol’ Willie Shakeyspeare link too, as it’s quite an epic!:

Chapter 3 Episode 10

Sometimes I think I’m mad to write this way, and getting madder, but I’d probably be depressed if I didn’t!

My rush to get ideas down before they fade from the mind seems like: a newsroom getting a scoop, followed by the excited rush to get it to copy, with everybody rushing to desks and computers: as I am to type mine.

As you need more oxygen the higher or deeper you travel, it seems the same for the mind when writing, with time spent in the terminator – twilight zone of the mind using up more brain power than normal thinking time, although it’s the only time I really try and think during the day normally, so maybe it’s not that different to normal problem-solving thinking, which can also be draining over time… just that I don’t normally do it these days…

Sometimes I race the battery, other times I follow it.

Once more into the fray
I’d recently seen in The Grey

I didn’t think I’d like the film
but admired the realism theme.

The wolves were portrayed negatively
but so were the men
ultimately they were shown
both only knowing wilderness heaven.

It was hell frozen over as well
but the men were already cold souls
working to drink and party
fighting against everyday banality.

I was just thinking of the way
my mind builds when writing rambles
knowing it’s time to start work
and there’s an episode needs writing
thinking something such as
Once More Into the Fray
but dillying and dallying like a greenYgrey
living day to day
warming up with some leisurely browsing
greenYgrey stats or fantasy football
how many visits did we get
how many points did we score
as good as money to look at
but it doesn’t pay the bills
would we rather your visits or money
it’d be nice to have them both
but if it was either or
we’d choose your visits
but are you positive or negative
we only really want you if you’re the former
but maybe you’re not either
just neutral or unknowing
arriving in the greenYgrey world
wondering what on Earth is this place
not realising it’s another world
only linked to this dimension
by a tenuous thread
headline news and music videos
the brain’s traffic builds to a rush hour
neural pathways carrying ideas
from receptors to receptors
and back again
before racing to others
returning and re-routing

maybe then checking something out
like where Once More Into the Fray
finding out The Gray
director Joe Carnahan
created it inspired by
Shakespeare’s Henry V speech
‘Once more unto the breach’
from four centuries earlier
English classicists will say we should’ve known
use it as an example of why
we are where we were
still fraying trying to breach

with the battery running low

returning to what I wrote first thing

some of the original ideas
already transported to this file
about how I had to construct it idea by idea
then transport it as exactly as possible
keeping the ideas in mind as I write
not losing sight of the thoughts
as they take the long journey
from brain to hands
getting caught up
in the rush hour traffic
down the arms
circling the elbows
something fell off the back
got to stop, go back, pick it up
get back into the flow
down to the hands
still through the body
like travelling overland
then it’s the big jump
through the air
like flying
across the sea
and then off-loading
onto the keyboard
like a helicopter
delivering parts
to a skyscraper
delicately placing them
letter by letter
out of the body
and onto the screen
a new construction
has been built
within the time limit
the battery icon
has lowered
as this poem
has lengthened
like an egg timer
or yin and yang

I know time has gone
and I have frayed
without banishing the breach
but I think it has been
time well spent
spent time in the fray
once more unto the breach
another battle fought and drawn
with these words as reward
and a little more knowledge
to take into tomorrow
when it will be time
to travel once more unto the breach
once more into the fray
and maybe in four centuries
someone or something
will hear of these words
indirectly through a more modern
medium or modem
and think of them as an ancient tale
still having some relevance in that time
because there are still humans and wolves
living side by side in the wilderness
and hopefully the negative werewolf stereotype
will be even more archaic and irrelevant
and wolves will be appreciated
the way dogs are now
not by everybody
or considered completely safe
but generally being appreciated
for being the brave, intelligent and resourceful
wild animals living in the harshest environments
on this planet that seems meant for all of us.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.