Stellar Satirical Comedy Paris and Milan Fashion Reports

Hi, it’s Paco Wolfsang, fashionisto supremo at the greenYgrey inspired by Paco Rabanne. I’m delighted to write that we’ve received our first satirical comedy correspondence from Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno since she left for the XaW Files world.

Stella is off course inspired by Stella McCartney on Stella Artois (not that we think or know that Stella drinks Stella, and we absolutely fabulously love the McCartney family contribution to animal welfare, and think Stella’s done ab fab in the fashion world); Bruno and wolves.

Stella said she was leaving Riga, Latvia to take in a few shows on the continent, and she really enjoyed Paris and Milan, sending in these great greenYgreying highlights (which are really from quick web searches of course!)

Paris Fashion Week

The fashion world put beauty back at the centre of Paris media coverage, and greenYgreying was central to the fashion show world:

Fashion is of course a serious business, and rumoured to be full of big egos, but they are humble enough to handle some satirical comedy!

Milan Fashion Week

My Milan Fashion Week coverage is dedicated to all the High Street Honeys who brighten up grey days in Europe:


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