How Taylor Momsen Saved Us from a Witchcraft Accusation

I forgot to write last time that when Madonna said after her fall that ‘Your Love Lifted Me Up’ I thought she was talking to us at first, what with our Love very topical, but then I realised she was probably talking about all the audience and her other fans…  because Love is a big Madonna fan.

How Taylor Momsen Saved Us

Continuing that blog’s amazing singers and coincidences topical theme, Taylor Momsen saved us from a probably witchycraft accusation last year when we chose The Pretty Reckless as our gYg Gig of the Year 2015.

That’s because the other option was Saxon, and after playing in Leeds Saxon’s drummer Nigel Glockler was taken ill, and they had to cancel the rest of the tour at the time. I’m pleased to write that they later finished off the tour, and Nigel is now recovering at home.

So if we’d chosen Saxon we could have opened ourselves up to negativity because we’ve used some pagan imagery etc, and now that we’ve written about it we probably will be anyway!


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