Difficulty of Human Life and Research Introduction to X Files Parody Episode

Wouldn’t it be spooky if the next XaW Files episode to be serialised was full of feminist relevance in the countdown to International Women’s Day on March 8th.

Remembering to be Sceptical

Well, it isn’t unfortunately, or fortunately, as were (sic) trying to be satirical and sceptical rather than spooky and sensationalist.

March 8th is also the date that Flight MH370 disappeared last year, about a month before we started writing our X Files parody, although we had been thinking about it for a while before, with our Andy Warhol Andy Wolfhol disappearing the previous year.

Just mentioning something can link you to it, so we’d just like to add that we didn’t have any premonitions about the MH370 disappearance, we feel sorry for those who lost people, and we hope they and the truth are found.

Fallen Madonna Devil Dancer

We also didn’t see the Madonna fall at the Brits Awards coming last week. Religious people might say she had it coming, dancing with lots of devilish imagery.

We don’t believe in God, so we don’t believe in the Devil either.

We just think it was an accident, and that Madonna turned a negative into a positive by continuing to sing her song. On a grand scale it could be seen as humanity triumphing over the devil, but in reality we think it was just a 56-year-old singer proving she’s still a true professional.

If any parody comedy predicted Madonna’s fall it was ‘Allo ‘Allo, which we may hear about when the XaW Files reaches France, as it featured a painting called The Fallen Madonna

X Files Parody

Anyway, enough fun and comedy, because the next episode of XaW Files is below, and it’s a pretty serious one, going from the difficulty of writing to the difficulty of socialising, and the difficulty of creating an ideal society.

Have fun!

XaW Chapter 3 Episode 9

It’s a door or gateway you’re reluctant to open, not knowing what it leads to: a room of pleasure or pain, mental toil or lovely epiphany, well surfaced roads you can freewheel or muddy tracks you get bogged down in.

They say a picture tells a thousand words. Well, in the greenYgrey world a word tells a thousand thoughts. It’s taken about an hour of thinking and contemplating for these two paragraphs, and I’m still writing this one; still processing the thoughts, not sure if I’ve written this paragraph before, because I had the opening line thoughts not long ago, while on this X Files journey.

It suddenly surfaced again, thankfully if I didn’t write it down before, embarrassingly if I did. And from that thought we have more thoughts, multiplying and dividing like the cells that create life and death:

  1. The fact that the thought surfaced again suggests that it was still on the surface of the mind.
  2. Or it is such an important thought to me that it was retained prominently in my memory.
  3. Could it be important for all of humanity? I have had such thoughts before, and they haven’t made much of an impact.
  4. Is that because they weren’t as good as I thought, or because the world wasn’t ready for them?
  5. Or are they thoughts and statements already said and written down; maybe long, long ago in ancient texts?

Spooky Classical Music

‘I was enjoying Pripyatsky,’ Jack said, ‘I was watching a wolf enjoying a lakeside in peace, without any humanity around to ruffle its place where it belongs, amongst glorious nature. Then the weirdest thing happened. I heard classical music. The wolf seemed to hear it too, because it suddenly bolted, heading north.’

‘I looked around, but couldn’t see anybody. It freaked me out, so I thought I’d get out of the park. The wolf had gone north, but I knew we were heading south, so I went that way. I travelled fast, but I didn’t stop hearing the classical music. In fact, it got louder the more south I got. It took me about two days to reach the old Chernobyl plant, and then once I passed that the music stopped.’

‘That’s funny,’ I said, ‘in an X Files weird kind of way. I just read on Wikipedia that the State Television played classical music for two days after the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, before the Vremya television news programme made a twenty-seconds announcement, which is about the amount of time I’ve spent telling you about the announcement.’

Jack’s expression showed a mixture of gratitude and resentment after I said that, as if he appreciated the information but would have rather learned it for himself. I was wondering if I should say something; thinking of the best way to say it; how to sound sincere and considerate without sounding overbearing and even more didactic.

I was just about to say something, I think, but I know not what as I write this, when Love piped up: ‘Creating a line of equality for other people is like making them walk a tightrope. Socialism doesn’t usually work too well because most people think they’re better than their social position, and aim to reach that place. Misbehaviour and ineptitude revealed by those regarded as above them in society can feed desire and disillusion at the same time. Capitalism creates and feeds dreams and illusions, even if it’s just offering a chance, a lucky break, window of opportunity… to help citizens reach a position where they think they can maybe make a difference: to themselves, their family, society and humanity… an island that exists in a sea of disastrous nightmares.’


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