International Women’s Day Countdown 1

It’s International Women’s Day on March 8th, and we’re celebrating it with all the women who haven’t gone international by joining Jihad John.

Hi, it’s Harriet Silhouetteof-Wolfhowhlingonhill, television correspondent at the greenYgrey, having undergone a gender swap for this week-long celebration of women.

Housewives Choice

Here’s some great greenYgreying to start the week off, with the great provided by great communication and presenting, rather than a great woman knowing her place in the home doing the cleaning!

And while housewives are very welcome in the greenYgrey world, I don’t think Marc Latham is interested in you, as I think he once said a long time ago that he likes free-range chicks rather than battery-cage mother hens!

Not as free and chickish as Jihad John groupies though… free for a while anyway!

Not that we think there’s anything wrong with being a mother hen, and we think being a good mother hen is the best thing a woman can be.

Anyway, here’s one of the Queens of Green:


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