X Files Parody Remembers Yellowism from Slovenian Surrealism

Save Us! S9

Hi, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams, sports correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by darts legend Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams, saying farewell

For I received the above videos today from the XaW Files world, where greenYgrey, Love the mixed-up Vole and others who have gone into that comedy parody parallel dimension are currently approaching the end of Chapter 5.

I hope to get there before the last episode of the chapter, as some of my colleagues have done at the end of previous chapters. I’d better be quick, as it could be being written any time now.

Beach Volleyball Pass

I’m going in through the beach volleyball sport, which I think is very underrated, and hope to find the beach where the nine chambers of the second video are shown.

It looks like a heavenly world, like a greenYgrey Garden of Eden, but the creepy music and mysterious captions make me think the nine chambers may be in trouble, and that may mean our intrepid travel questers are too.

greenYgrey and Yellowism Disclaimer

The greenYgrey concept started developing sometime around 2005. It was inspired by reading done in university, such as existentialism and semiotics, as well as taking time to notice the world around, and sought to emphasise the predominance of green and grey in Britain, for no other reason than to highlight them, stripping everything relevant down to its basic constituent colours.

Although green and grey scenes have often been depicted or written about, they had never been declared the majority view before, as far as I know.

So the greenYgrey journey began, but it was the Greenygrey then.

In 2011 the Yellowism art movement emerged, largely doing the same as us as far as I could see, only using yellow.

Reading about Slovenian surrealism, because that is where the XaW Files is now, although our serialisation here is still in Chapter 3, reminded me of Yellowism, so I looked it up again.

I thought Yellowism might have inspired our promotion of the central greenYgrey Y, but a quick look at the Werewolf of Oz shows our Y was already being promoted before we knew about Yellowism, which was after they received international media attention for vandalising a Mark Rothko painting in October 2012.

The Werewolf of Oz was published in March 2012. It featured prominent Yisms in the preface and prologue.

Yellowism did inspire us to yellow ourselves, when we first blogged about Yellowism after the Rothko incident in October 2012!  (Is Yellowism the New Greenygrey? Sun Wolf Howls: Greenygrey media category on the sidebar).

WWF Earth Hour Environmentalism Advertising Slogan

While we joked about being an advertising executive a couple of blogs ago, we are qualified for the role, although of course lack the experience and ambition needed, being more anti-consumer than pro, although we are of course greenYgrey moderates in the middle, although a little more greener than grey.

WWF Earth Hour: Were Interests Meet

While some people don’t care about the country or country they live in, or the environment, some people do claim to care about the county or country they live in, but still don’t care about the environment, which is what their county or country essentially is… and a clean environment is good for people’s health, although unfortunately no guarantee.

As tonight is the WWF Earth Hour from 20.30 to 21.30 GMT, we call on all people to forget Russell Brand, and us if you feel about us the way we feel about Russell’s Revolution, and get behind this charity initiative.

While I think our wolf is more handsome, WWF have a lovely panda logo, and pandas are even lovelier than wolves!

Conserving Environments We Care About

As well as signing up on the website available on the above link, we thought up this little advertising/campaigning slogan ditty, to hopefully win over anybody who loves their county or country, but not its environment:

Worth Observing, Worth Conserving, Worth Deserving

We don’t know how original it is, having just thought it up last night, and it can be used by any good causes if they like, or as inspiration for one of your own! Any recognition or promotion of us would also of course be appreciated!!

Enjoy Earth Hour… and up the pandas!!

Chiara Ferragni Puts greenYgrey on Vogue Cover

Two greats in the blogging world created fashion history in the April Vogue Espana, as fashionista Chiara Ferragni became the first blogger to take the coveted cover, and chose a greenYgrey look probably out of respect for the best satirical fashionista on the scene, our very own Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno.

Hi, it’s Paco Wolfsang, satirical fashionisto supremo at the greenYgrey inspired by Paco Rabanne, in the absence of the aforementioned stellar Stella, who is of course in the XaW Files world with greenYgrey.

Ferragni has a certain greenYgrey ring to it. Well, it rhymes with greenY at least.

The cortoYcambio headline also has a certain greenYgrey je ne se quoi.

Ferragni’s The Blonde Salad blog has 3.4 million followers on Instagram.

Congratulations, cheers and ciao Chiara, and good luck to ya…

Creating Prose on the Go, Rambling in Ukraine

The latest instalment of our X Files comedy parody is another serious one, with Love the mixed-up Vole continuing to suffer what seems like a reaction to 1986’s Chernobyl nuclear disaster. It also writes about the beautiful nature in the region, weather forecasts, and rambling off on a different route to the plan.

The wild rambling shows how free writing can work, as it was later incorporated into the story, when the blind Love story was included, therefore creating an extra dimension to this little story in our big project.

Chapter 3 Episode 12

‘I think your blindness must be because of the radiation from Chernobyl’, I told Love, ‘although most or all of it is supposed to have passed now. I have time-travelled a few times on my rambles, and not with total control, what with it being a difficult manoeuvre, as shown in Dr. Who. I haven’t experienced an involuntary time-travel episode since the classic rock classic tale told in Kerang, Oz.’

Night Moves for Love

‘Moreover, we were on the move then. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a time-travel episode while stationary, and especially not while asleep, although I probably wouldn’t have realised, and thought I was dreaming or having a nightmare. Sorry if I’m rambling.’

‘That’s okay,’ Love said, ‘I know rambling is an integral part of the greenYgrey trilogy, and in more ways than one. It’s just great to be a part of it.’

I was just thinking that you’ve got to love Love, as I have done many times on this trip already, when it added: ‘I did have a weird dream last night actually, which fits into your theory about time-travelling back to the Chernobyl disaster. I was getting soaked by torrential rain, and thought it was U.K. rain to start with. Then I seemed to remember I was in Ukraine, just before the rain started to burn.’

Clearing Weather Clears Weather Conspiracy

The weather forecast
said it’d be sunny
but I see cloud and rain
do I think it’s a conspiracy
No… why not? Let me explain…

I just think they got it wrong
because they’re not that good
although they sound convincing
and usually get it right
but the sky isn’t always listening.

The sun did come out later
as they said it would
so it was me that was at fault
forgetting what I’d seen the day before
and needing something to deplore!

‘That does sound like the acid rain that’s supposed to have fallen from the Chernobyl radiation affected clouds in 1986 Love,’ I said, ‘I’m sorry for bringing you this way, although Pripyatsky was beautiful and well worth a visit. Our planned route was to visit Poland after Belarus, so we’d have travelled a different way, and avoided this.’

‘I wish we could go back to Belarus and return to our original route,’ I continued, ‘but it’s too late to go back now, as we’re already half way through the chapter, and I don’t want to waste all I’ve written. All we can do is try and make the most of the situation. What would you like to do now?’

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.

Advertising Codes at the greenYgrey

Green, yellow and grey are as old as our planet; for as long as humanity has viewed and named them that anyway, although everybody’s sight and perception are different, and animals see things a whole different way.

Colours of the greenYgrey

This site’s concept undoubtedly followed them, and the main colour concept of this site was that Britain is a greenYgrey (then greenygrey) island rather than a small island as described by Bill Bryson.

We think Britain’s size is relative (bigger than some and smaller than others), but its greenYgreyness is undoubted; although there are lots of other colours too of course.

Running Gear Advertising

Clothes were made in green, grey and yellow long before this site entered the human world, some made to camouflage with the dominant natural colours, and others to stand out among them.

So, when we see adverts like the Asics and New Balance sports clothing adverts below, we think they are probably totally independent from us, and give them a code GG.

Code GG for Advertising greenygrey


New Balance

Code Y for Advertising conspiracY

However, sometimes we see adverts that we think do seem too close to us to be coincidence, although they could well be, and the first two above could be influenced by us.

Living in the greenYgrey world is like working at Area 51 in this way. Everybody else has one more option of possibilities when they are guessing what is going on inside top secret facilities such as the one often featured in the X Files.

While those working on their insides may be still be wondering if there are aliens, or more aliens, they know there are or aren’t inside Area 51. The rest of us not only have to guess if there are aliens, but also wonder if there are any inside 51.

For you reading this, unless you’ve hacked into all our world, you may think that we are involved with the companies featured here, either as an advertising executive or greenYgrey consultant.

We know were (sic) not, which leaves two possible options. Either its a coincidence, or the advert’s creators are influenced by our concept. We hope it’s the latter, but don’t know!

Of course, if it’s the latter, we then don’t know if they are creating them in our image because they like us, or because they like the feeling of stealing from us, and making lots of money while we are left poor. We hope it’s the former!!

Lloyds Bank

We featured Lloyds Bank in a post last January, when they had changed their logo from a green and blue background to a more green and grey one.

Now, we’ve noticed they’ve added yellow to recent adverts, like our greenYgrey rebranding.

While we don’t bank with Lloyds, and don’t know if Lloyds Bank or who designs their advertising campaigns has heard of us, we do think they seem to be following the greenYgrey.

They feature a nice horse on their logo as well, and that definitely preceded our lovely wolf, so maybe they think we copied them first, and now they’re copying us, but it’s all conjecture and cool. We were of course a-were of their design before creating ours.

We do of course have products to sell as well, so we are kind of advertisers ourselves, just amateur or semi-professional ones!: our books are available on Smashwords and Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/author/marclatham).

Whiskey and Lager Adverts Satirical Comedy

We are not Scottish or Irish, and don’t like whiskey.

But we like a semiotic use of old fashioned greenygrey, and these adverts:

We are not Danish, but we like lager.

And new fashioned greenYgrey like in this advert:

Satirically speaking, if greenYgrey made adverts, they’d probably be the best adverts in the world!

Sometimes we think greenYgrey has taken over the advertising world, and sometimes were (sic) sure of it!!

Please drink in moderation.

Mysterious greenYgrey Cat

Nature has some weird events, like this cat seeming to have joined in the greenYgreying viral fashion trend. Hi, it’s Chris Packwerewolf, nature correspondent at the greenYgrey inspired by Chris Packham.

Green cat

MSN News

Like the famous Pepe Le Pew cartoon, where the lovable skunk fell in love with Penelope the posh cat who’d had paint dropped on her, to make her resemble a skunk, Mark Molloy in the Telegraph via MSN News reported that:

‘… it appears there is a more innocent explanation for the cat’s curious appearance, primarily where the animal has been spending most of its time.

It was discovered the feline has been sleeping on an abandoned heap of synthetic green paint in a garage and coming out to scare locals during the day.’

Here’s that famous video: